This very time of year five years ago I had a sweet baby girl just a few months old in my possession  Christmas was coming and everyone was feeling festive. Even though my husband I wanted to shower our girl with every thing she might ever desire we knew that was definitely not the right route. We figured babies don’t really know the difference between Saturday and Thursday let-alone Christmas and any other day of the year. With this in mind we somberly made the decision to not get the baby a Christmas gift. The logic was sound. We were saving to buy our first home and we weren’t buying gifts for each other either. She wouldn’t know the difference. We loved her and didn’t need to show our love through buying things. Yada, yada, yada. Well, we held steady to that plan for about three days. Or maybe it was more like three minutes.

We made plans to visit a local toy shop. Instead of buying her half the store with money we didn’t have we stayed strong and bought her a colorful wooden toy that looked a lot like some sort of atom with wooden balls on wooden rods all held together with elastic. It was small and inexpensive but fun and we felt a little bit better knowing our sweet girl would have a gift under the tree. Even if she didn’t know what a tree was. Fast forward five years and I once again have a sweet baby girl just a handful of months old in my possession. Our Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic is now entertaining a new baby. Some toys stand the test of time and entertain child after child. Some toys become family favorites. I’m glad that this particular toy – loved by our first daughter – is now loved by our second daughter. It’s a fun and engaging toy and I can see myself holding onto it for my tiny future grandchildren to play with. It’s a classic in the making and as far as I’m concerned buying our Skwish Classic even when we were pinching pennies was money well spent.

You know you’ve found a good toy when everyone in the family loves it.

Does your family hold a certain toy near and dear? Have you passed toys down from child to child?

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4 Responses to You know you’ve found a good toy when…

  1. Oh my gosh, it’s The Woozit for us! 🙂 That toy will probably go to the grandkids!

  2. Catherine says:

    I think we might need a Whoozit now too, Andrea. I think we’d all have fun with that.

  3. Little & Me says:

    Love this story! I know a wee one that was quite content to sit in a cardboard box all Christmas day.

  4. Haven’t passed down anything yet but I plan too. ; )

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