So even though my ‘new baby’ is almost 7 months old now (how did THAT happen?!?), thought I’d share, giggle about and warn y’all soon-to-be-new-moms-of-2-munchkins about some of the offbeat and unexpected shenanigans that my toddler is now doing… all thanks to her baby sister.

You know you have a new baby when your toddler…
 suddenly remembers how swanky her old infant jungle-gym is (the one she ditched when she was 8 months old) and takes over every square-inch of space in it to squeeze in some extra tummy-time for good measure (and also so she can laugh right into her little sister’s face).

You know you have a new baby when your toddler… insists on trying to eat rice cereal because you make it look soooo much fun when spooning into your baby’s mouth. Vvvvrrrroooooooooommmmmm goes the airplane into the hangar! (That and also because it looks like “ay-shoke” – meaning “ice cream” for anyone that doesn’t live at our house. For the record, she can now confirm that it certainly doesn’t taste like ay-shoke.

You know you have a new baby when your toddler… is suddenly interested in shaking rattles. CORRECTION: IS SUDDENLY INTERESTED IN SHAKING *ONLY* THE RATTLE THAT YOUR BABY IS PLAYING WITH AT THAT MOMENT. (I guess this is just a precursor to them fighting over each others’ jeans in high school?)

You know you have a new baby when your toddler… acts as though she is your personal assistant; telling you when to make bottles for the baby, demanding wipes so she can ‘clean’ the table, retrieving diapers when you don’t necessarily need them and on and on. (I guess I can blame myself for this, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this perk!)

You know you have a new baby when your toddler… smiles and teases you like she’s five years old instead of barely-two, and seems so grown-up that it makes you cry and wonder what the heck she did with that first baby you had not so long ago. (That’s the one that gets me the most.)




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One Response to You know you have a new baby when your toddler… does what?

  1. This is so true! I even caught my 3 year old stealing the baby’s binkies, even though he ditched them over a year ago!

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