My daughter cut her hair

I knew I was in trouble when I heard my son clipped a tiny bit of my daughter’s hair for fun. It wasn’t a noticeable amount. I wasn’t worried about that. I was worried about the lightbulb moment that happened when she realized hair could be cut with scissors. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would attempt a haircut herself.

Only a few weeks later my daughter walked, nonchalantly, into the room, with all the hair cut on one side of her head.

She had cut her own hair with my kitchen scissors!

We’d made it 12 years without a hair cutting incident and now my daughter had cut off her beautiful curls. Her hair had been almost down to the middle of her back but she was left with such a funky mullet that there was no way we could leave her hair the way it was.

She cried as my friend cut off the rest of her hair and left her with a cute little bob that was definitely not what she planned on when she picked up those scissors. She didn’t understand why we couldn’t just leave the rest of her hair alone. She was so proud of her long hair and I was so sad to see her baby curls disappear.

The good news is, hair grows back. Hopefully my daughter has learned her lesson and won’t be cutting her hair again . . . although I’ve heard horror stories of kids who just keep cutting their own hair. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this was a one and done kind of thing.

The scissors in our house will be way out of reach from now on, including the kitchen scissors that she found in the drawer and used to give herself a haircut. For me, it was an important lesson in not sweating the small stuff. Hair grows back. No one was hurt. Nothing major happened.

And most importantly, it IS just hair.

Have you ever had a child cut their own hair?


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