My conversations  lately have gone somewhat like this:

Random person: How are you feeling!?

ME: Great!

Randm person: When are you due again?

ME: February

Random person (with shocked look on their face): Oh wow, I thought you were ready to pop!

Gee Thanks! I know I am all belly but I don’t need constant reminding of how large I look right now. I am pretty tired of hearing the surpsrise in people’s voices when they realize I still have three months to go. My doctor was even surprised when she saw me at my last appintment and commented that I looked a lot further along than 6 months. Of course when she laid me down and started measuring she said, “You’re actually not that big. Unfortunately the uterous tends to just fall straight out the second time around. Since your stomach muscles have already been stretched and ripped once before there isn’t much holding it in.” Well golly gee! Glad I have the science to back up the fact that I have NO stomach muscles and obviously didn’t work hard enough to strengthen them between pregnancies.

As I say goodbye to my second trimester and hello to the uncomfortable third trimester I am feeling less cute and more…well…EVERYTHING! I feel physically bigger, more emotional, more achy, more heartburn, and more exhausted. There’s not a whole lot to look forward to in your third trimester except you are two thirds of the way done and that much closer to holding your little baby in your arms. So I am holding onto that image with all my might and can’t wait to look into my Punkin’s eyes and tell him I am his mommy, flabby stomach and all.

Did you ever get annoying comments about your size when your were pregnant?


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