Everywhere I turn I see elves. Elf on the Shelf to be exact. Pictures of little elves dressed in red from head to toe are everywhere. These elves have names and seem to have a life of their own. As evidenced by the flood of pictures all over the internet some parents get really into it setting up elaborate scenes around their elf for their children to find each day to make the ruse more exciting and fun.

Photo credit:  guessingalltheway.com

We do not have an elf. We talked about it as family and even though my five-year-old, Madeline, has lots of friends with elves she was not interested. I was happy with this outcome. Honestly I didn’t want an Elf on the Shelf on any of my shelves. With this in mind I asked some friends why they have an Elf.

Laurie of Guessing all the Way– who has both a girl and a boy elf – said “We use our elves to help bring our kids imagination to life. They love looking for them and it is something that brings them a little holiday spirit every day.”

Along similar lines, Tina  of Mad Hatter Mom shared  “We love our Elf, Joseph because he is just another way to get excited about the holidays. My kids run downstairs everyday to see where he has landed for the day and if he has any special messages from Santa.”

Jo-Lynne from Musing of a Housewife said she keeps it simple, “We do it but only because the kids have heard about it at school and asked for it. They think it’s fun to look for it in the mornings, but we aren’t very creative about it.”

Photo credit: musingsofahousewife.com

I have to agree, it is a fun idea. I can see how it would be exciting for children and in some instances an easy way to remind kids to behave. So why am I so bah humbug about Santa’s little helper even though there are certainly days my children could use the reminder that “Santa is always watching?” Honestly, December is busy. There’s shopping and wrapping, holiday parties and decorating, cooking and eating, baking, even our Christmas Book Advent. All of this is on top of normal things that still need to be handled. Lunch packing, laundry, bill paying and more. I’m not looking for one more thing to have to remember everyday. I’d probably be that mom that forgets to move the little guy one night and have to do a bunch of damage control. My five-year-old has asked enough thoughtful questions about Santa’s existence without the aid of an elf doll that will require lots of creative story telling from me and my husband to keep up the charade.

So what about you, are you an Elf on the Shelf fan or foe?

4 Responses to Why we are Elf on the Shelf-less

  1. We have two Elves too! I thought we were the only ones, Ha Ha! We have a boy and a girl too and we write their names with a sharpie on their hats so we know who is who. That’s because I thought I lost one so I had to buy another, then of course I found the other one;)

  2. Catherine says:

    I can see how it would be beneficial to give them name-tags to tell them apart.

  3. I am definitely a foe but that’s for my own reasons. We also don’t do Santa or the Easter bunny. I once heard that if someone were to walk into your home during a holiday what would they think you value about that holiday. It was a good question to ponder.

    • Catherine says:

      Oh I love that Kate. It could be expanded to life in general to If someone walked into your house what would they think you value period. Off topic but, you got me thinking.

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