Baby clothesThis last pregnancy was hard on me. My previous pregnancy had ended in my son’s death after a preterm birth so all the advice to “relax and enjoy it” didn’t really work for me.

I was convinced each milestone would be my last. To distract myself, I turned to retail therapy. With every week of pregnancy I made it past, I’d let myself buy one baby item. By the time she was born this little girl had a lot of very carefully chosen clothes and cloth diapers.

I’d waited nearly 5 years to have a newborn in the house. When pregnancy got hard, I just reminded myself how wonderful it was going to be.

Then I blinked and she’s four months old.

I’m in denial and I confess, I’ve still been squeezing her into newborn clothes. My husband pointed out that not only was she screaming in protest every time she had to get dressed because everything was tight but she was so big that she’d almost outgrown the 3-6 months clothes she hasn’t worn yet.

Decluttering her outgrown clothes may be the hardest job I’ve faced in a while, but it definitely can’t be put off any longer. My plan is to take it nice and slow.

I need a date with a giant laundry basket of outgrown baby clothes, a plastic storage container, and really trashy TV shows to get me through this.

Do you have a hard time decluttering outgrown baby clothes?


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