How can you not love a flirtatious baby? I know we’ve all got our own or known a few that gave us a good giggle. The little boy who lights up when a pretty lady tickles him. The baby girl who smiles and bats her lashes when her dad’s friends come over. We’ve all gotten our kicks from friendly babies and joked about it at one point or another: He’s such a little flirt! Look, she’s flirting with you!

But is there such a thing as a baby flirting too much? Based on my own 1 year old’s recent behavior, YES. I’m all for keeping life flirty after babies, but this is getting ridiculous.


Lately, I can’t seem to take my mini wannabe-vixen out to lunch without her craning her whole body around in the high chair so that she can fully investigate who’s sitting behind us. Little boys, old men, ladies who lunch, dogs… no one is exempt. Going out to lunch is a full-on meet-market. Once my wee one finds her target, she smiles and coos at them, offers them food, and then starts yelling at them if they dare to look away from her after the novelty of “oh how cute, that little baby’s flirting with us” wears off. This whole thing started out as adorable (Oh, what a fabulous-friendly tot I have!) and has quickly turned to embarrassing when she won’t let it go and relentlessly-tries to hold babbled-conversations with strangers for the full durations of their lunchtime. Is this a second-child thing that I don’t know about?

Even her 2.5 year old sister gets uncomfortable after about 5 minutes pass and her little sister is still turned around and starting down the folks at the next table. Just let them eat and mind your own business, I feel my older girl thinking. Recently, I feel like we made a sweet little boy (and, I’m guessing, his parents) very uncomfortable because we refused to look away from him and just kept staring and staring and staring and staring as they all tried to enjoy their outing. They continued about their business of eating and talking, but I spotted all of them checking out of the corner of their eyes if my girl was still lasered-in them (she was). I swear: You can see her victims going through that “is she still looking at me” dialogue in their head as they try to casually finish their sandwich so they can get the heck away from the baby that keeps trying to hold their attention. And then when they do leave, she waves her arms and yelps (as though they forgot to ask for her number or something). Ok, it is a little funny. But still uncomfortable (and frustrating, considering that I now only get to see the back of her head should we venture anywhere).

Now don’t get any ideas and start reprimanding me, folks… I do my part to teach her to play hard-to-get: I physically turn her around, try to distract her with something in my direction, talk to her and ask her questions, give her more food (which she then grabs and turns around and offers to her crush-of-the-lunch-hour) and flat-out tell her to stop bothering the people at the other table (which, isn’t uncomfortable at ALL considering that they can most likely hear me).

What’s a mother to do? (Dress her conservatively, I guess…)



2 Responses to When your baby flirts too much.

  1. I am right there with ya. My 2 year old son is VERY friendly and says hello to everyone we pass. He also chats up anyone we sit by if we are out to eat. But to be honest we don’t take him out to eat that often so I don’t have to deal with it too much. As he nears 3 years of age he has started to not take as keen an interest in people at other tables. Here’s to hoping your daughter grows out of it. 😉

  2. Niki says:

    I can totally relate. My 15 month old sat on 3 mother’s laps in his play class, taking the attention that they should be giving to their own baby. Trying to hand them things so they will praise him. I really hope he outgrows it.

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