I’m not a bath person. I never really have been. I’ve always preferred the steam and noise of a shower. The cascading water and cool tile walls. I’ve tried and tried to like baths. Candles, music, bubbles. As much as I’ve tried I just don’t like sitting around in a bath tub. I just don’t.

So how is a woman who seemingly hates baths so incredibly attached to the over sized cream-colored bath tub in her master bathroom? The same bath tub that she suggested be removed during some future bathroom remodeling project in favor of a larger shower?

Nearly three months ago my second daughter was born in an intimate and peaceful home birth. I labored in that cream-colored tub, eventually giving birth to my sweet baby there as well. Now I look at that gigantic tub and can’t imagine my bathroom without. Every time I walk by it I smile. I still don’t bathe in it. I’m still a shower girl through and through. I just appreciate the incredible role it played in such an important day.

I realize a bath tub is not your average keepsake. This attachment is complicated. I still have my oldest daughters first pair of shoes, the outfit she wore home from the hospital and a small plastic bag of hair from her first hair cut. These things are tucked away in a drawer. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to tuck a jetted tub into a dresser drawer next to tiny shoes and clothes. My husband doesn’t know it but we’re never moving. I just don’t see a day when my mama heart could take it.

As mother’s we tend to hold on to things. clinging to trinkets and ornaments that remind us of times gone by. The tiny little toes, golden blond curls, pregnancy, labor, delivery. I speak from experience as a mother who couldn’t bear to have her daughter’s hair cut until she was four years old simply because I couldn’t let go of those baby curls at the end of her long golden blond hair.

Call me sentimental. Call me silly. I can’t help it. I love my girls.

So moms, fess up. What are the keepsakes, large or small, you couldn’t possibly let go of?

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  1. KateW says:

    Hmm that’s a tough one. My son is still small so there aren’t a ton of keepsakes yet. Or at least I haven’t had to get rid of his old baby things yet so maybe that’s the reason. I like your idea of keeping the outfit he wore home from the hospital though. Think I may just do that one.

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