I’m a nicknamer. The numerous nicknames I have for my sister alone are proof of my love of nicknames. There are literally too many to count. The friends I’ve had forever are rarely referred to by their birth-name when I’m doing the talking. It’s even likely that you’ll hear me call my husband by one of his nicknames. Even in public. I can’t help it. Luckily the people in my life don’t seem to mind.

When my oldest was a wee babe my husband snapped a picture of her swaddled and sitting in her bouncer. She looked just like a tiny little monkey. And so a nickname was born.Once my oldest had her nickname the made up songs flowed from my mouth and eventually one of those songs became a family classic. A completely silly song that doesn’t make sense. But even at 5 years old my daughter lights up when she hears it.

Five years later Monkey is still used now and then along with a variety of other nicknames that have magically attached themselves to my bouncy long-haired girl. Moe, Goober, Monkey-Doo, Baby-Love. Nicknames just fly out of my mouth before my brain even registers what’s happening.

I must admit – when my youngest was born nearly five months ago – I was feeling the pressure to find the perfect nickname for her and subsequently a snappy made-up tune to match. Honestly my husband and I were both feeling the pressure. We never spoke of it but you could tell just by the sheer velocity with which we flung possible nicknames at her. Names that never quite stuck. There is something peculiar about nicknames. They most certainly cannot be forced. It wasn’t until a night a few weeks ago that a perfect nickname appeared out of thin air. And wouldn’t you know a song to match. What started as teasing my five-year old about silly long names morphed into a song about her little sister set to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. And now we have a Delaney Doodle. Or Doodle Bug. Either way Doodle suits her and it’s quite fun to add to silly songs. A perfect fit.

Do your children have nicknames? How did they get them?

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2 Responses to What’s in a nickname?

  1. Ginger says:

    I call my oldest Cookie, as One Smart Cookie…It has stuck. My youngest I call my “Little Bear” or Becca Bear. When asked her name, Rebecca has answered “Becca Bear”. I use Honeycake a lot, too. Not even sure where that one came from.

  2. […] outside the swaddle, allowing her to get her tiny fingers and thumbs into her mouth. Madeline even earned her nickname, Monkey, while swaddled and sitting in her bouncy seat. Even though swaddling was just our go-to […]

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