I always make a Christmas wish list for my family, especially my Dad since he lives so far away. This year I found that much of my wants were also needs. Gone are the days of asking for a Coach purse. Instead I would love a new diaper bag. Forget the red heels, I long for a stretchy track suit and comfy flats. So to help those poor husbands who find themselves at a loss of what to get their pregnant wife this season here is a list of practical things she will appreciate.

1. Maternity Pajamas – nothing says comfort than pajamas and at some point in her pregnancy her big t-shirts and pre pregnancy sleep pants just aren’t gonna cut it anymore. So do the woman a favor and buy her a nice cute PJ set made to grow with her belly. She will even be able to wear it for a few months after the birth I promise.

2. Maternity/Nursing Bra – As much as the belly grows in pregnancy so does the chest. A woman can change bra sizes multiple times throughout her pregnancy. If you get a nursing bra that has some stretch it won’t only carry her through pregnancy but also into those first trying months of nursing. I personally have tried and love the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra that molds to my ever changing shape.

Bravado Nursing Bra

3. Body Pillow - The further along in pregnancy she is the harder it is to sleep. I couldn’t live without my body pillow. It’s worth the investment and also something not every woman would buy for themselves. A really great one is the My Brest Friend 3-in-1 Body Pillow.

My Breast Friend Body Pillow

4. A haircut or style – As important as it is to feel comfortable it is also important to still feel cute and attractive. Nothing makes me feel prettier than a freshly styled hair cut. Just find her favorite salon and buy a gift card.

5. Pregnancy Massage – Last but certainly not least! You can’t go wrong with a massage. Her aching back and swollen feet will thank you!


What was your favorite gift to get while pregnant?


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2 Responses to What to get the expectant mother this Christmas

  1. Amy says:

    Yes pregnancy massage was my favorite gift.

  2. Amy, I wish I could say the same but I have yet to get one of these as a gift. Maybe I need to tag my hubby in this post (hint hint!)

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