It’s been a few years since we’ve had a baby around for Christmas and since she’s our only girl after 4 boys I’m having to remind myself to go easy on the toys. The truth is, babies really don’t need much for Christmas. There are plenty of ways to make the holidays special without going overboard.

I usually opt to get a few nicer toys for my kids rather than wasting money on toys that won’t last long and are potentially unsafe. There are some amazing options for high quality baby toys out there right now.

Here are a few of my favorites that be great under your tree this year:

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe

I have no idea how I made it through 3 babies without discovering Sophie the Giraffe but I’m a total convert. Every teething baby needs one of these! Sophie is the perfect size and shape for babies to hold onto and she’s made out of natural rubber and food-grade paint so you don’t have to worry about your baby’s health. I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give this to my daughter and it’s become her favorite toy. Heaven help the person who tries to peel Sophie the Giraffe out of my baby’s hands.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn CaseFisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivty Case

We didn’t have a computer in my home until I was almost 10 years old but today’s kids are digital natives and they want in on all the latest gadgets right from the very beginning. The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case is a great way to entertain your baby while protecting your phone. There’s a cute little app that goes with this and even my 6 month old loves it. The cute little handles are easy for baby to hold and are adorned with a few rings to make chewing on the phone a bit more fun.

Haba Clutching ToyHABA Clutching Toy

I’m a huge fan of Haba and my baby’s stocking will likely be filled with their clutching toys this Christmas. You really can’t beat their quality and I love that they are made using wood and non-toxic paints. These are the perfect size for little fingers to hold onto and make great diaper bag toys. My baby has one clutching toy that she just loves to chew on when her gums are aching and I love their whimsical designs. You really just can’t go wrong with these.

Manhattan ToyManhattan Toy Winkel Rattle Toy

Manhattan Toy is another one of my favorite brands for baby and this Winkel Rattle Toy has so many great places for baby to hold on to. We grabbed one of these to wrap up for Christmas morning but it looks so fun that I may have to pull it out as entertainment on our pre-holiday road trip. The soft loops are not only easy to hold but teething babies will love chewing on them.


aden and anais swaddleaden + anais Classic Muslin Swaddles

There’s nothing wrong with getting baby some essentials for Christmas (my little one is getting a high chair). If you haven’t discovered aden + anais swaddles yet, they are a must-have! These swaddling blankets are super versatile. We use ours from everything from a burp rag to a car seat cover. The thin material is so soft and my baby loves rubbing it between her fingers and rubbing it against her teething gums.

Of course, in the end, your baby will probably just want to play with the wrapping paper on Christmas morning and that’s okay too.

What are your favorite gift ideas for babies?

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  1. Catherine says:

    Sophie is a big hit in our house too. Even I love her. She’s cute.

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