leahfishWe all have our strengths and our weaknesses. As moms, it’s way too easy to compare our weaknesses with someone else’s strengths . . . and that’s depressing.

Still, it’s a trap we all fall into from time to time and with my daughter’s first birthday coming up I’m in that place. You see, I can’t make anything worthy of Pinterest. I can cook, and it’s tasty, but it isn’t pretty. I can’t create decorations out of leftover birthday candles and scraps of wrapping paper. Being crafty just isn’t one of my strong points.

But, if you stick me in a children’s museum I can shine. Education is really my thing. Plop me down in a museum with my kids and I can spout out all kinds of facts and get them excited learning about things they’ve never thought twice about before.

When I’m in my element, people throw out words like “supermom” and I squirm awkwardly because they have no idea what a complete mess I am in every other area of my life.

I have a friend who reads book after book out loud with her kids – classics too, not just the books that are easy for most kids to listen to. I love to read but I’ve struggled a bit when it comes to reading out loud to my kids. When I asked her for tips she said, “Reading to my kids just comes easy to me. It’s one of my strengths.”

She really got it. She knows what she’s good at and she maximizes her talent to benefit her kids.

We can’t all do everything. But we do all have our strengths and we can use those strengths to be the best moms we can be. My kids may remember me for my horrendously bad crafting attempts, but they are also going to remember that I encouraged them to become lifelong learners and that counts for something.

What is your strength as a mom?

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  1. What a nice reminder to look for the positive instead of where we are failing. I so needed to read this right now. I have a proposition for ya, you take my kids to the museums and I will create a Pinterest party for you. 😉

  2. […] mentioned before how uncrafty I am, which is why I love simple decorating ideas that don’t require any particular skill on my […]

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