There is just something about babies and animals, they’re perfect for one another.  In fact, once you become pregnant you’ll never look at animals quite the same.  Most baby shower themes incorporate animals and everything from nursery decor, crib bedding, blankets, and clothing all seem to have playful animals incorporated into the design.  The best part about animals is that they are gender neutral and boys and girls love them all the same.

Just like seasonal colors and fashion trends, animals seem to also take their turn in the lime light.  Monkeys, elephants, and giraffes are always classic choices and the owl has been very popular over the last two years.  So what animal is next?

Dolphins, Penguins, Tigers or maybe it’s the year of the Zebra?  I mean how can you resist these adorable Zebra finds?

1.  This zebra bench by Smart Gear Wonderworld is super cute for any child’s playroom or reading corner.  This bench is also perfect for putting on shoes and getting your toddler out the door.  Zebra Bench $90.99

2.  This stylish baby carrier by Ergo Baby could not be more on trend for the Mom who hasn’t lost her style to Motherhood.    There is no doubt that this is not only a perfect baby carrying solution but also a  fashion accessory that will make any Moms basic yoga pants and a white t-shirt look like a totally put together outfit.    Ergo Baby Carrier $119.99

3.  The 3 Sprouts storage bins can be used for toys, dirty clothes, stuffed animals, or extra bedding and blankets.  Any child’s room can easily be themed with a variety of the animal faces they offer.  3 Sprouts Zebra Storage Bin $31.99

4.  One of the cutest baby products and a staple for dressing up baby’s toes are the  Trumpette socks.  These socks are so adorable they even look cute when you mix and match.  Can’t find the other pink one, pair it with the purple one.  They’re so cute anything goes!   Trumpette Socks $14.99

5.  The zebra chair goes right along with the zebra bench and why not just complete the set with the zebra toy box.  This entire collection will turn any kid’s space into a hip and modern jungle.  This zebra chair can easily be pulled up to any child size table for coloring, arts & crafts, puzzles or even just sitting and having a snack.  Zebra Chair $44.99

6.  Probably one of the cutest step stools I have seen in a very long time.  This zebra step stool is perfect for a toddler that is learning to step up and wash their hands, brush their teeth or even crawl into their big boy / girl bed.  Another product from Smart Gear Wonderworld.  Zebra Step Stool $72.99

What animal is your favorite?

2 Responses to We’re wild for Zebras

  1. Jessica R. says:

    So cute! That Ergo is almost making me want to have another baby!

  2. justprecious says:

    adorable stuff!

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