Valentine’s day is fun holiday where you get to tell the people in your life you care. It’s never too early to get kids in on the spirit of the holiday. Babies and toddlers are full of love, too, right? With a few simple things you can give your child some time to create beautiful artwork and also maybe end up with an adorable piece of Valentine’s Day themed art to give to someone.

easy toddler craft


Supplies Needed to make Valentine’s Day Glue Resist Watercolor Art

  • White glue
  • Card stock or watercolor paper (thicker paper works better)
  • Watercolor paint, a paint brush, and small dish of water

I love this easy toddler Valentine's Day art project //

How to make Valentine’s Day Glue Resist Art with your Toddler

Using the glue draw hearts on the the paper in whatever sizes or patterns you and your little one like. Let the paper sit until the glue is completely dry. We let ours sit overnight.

glue resist watercolor painting art


Lightly wet your water colors and set up your painting area with your paints, paintbrush and water dish.


Toddler Valentine's Day Art Project Glue Resist Painting

Load the brush with color and put paint all over the page. Depending on your child’s age and skill level, you may help with painting or you may be able to hand over the brush and let them go to town only occasionally helping them with washing or reloading their brush.

Once the page of fully painted set it to the side to dry completely.

glue resist painting

If you would like you can cut your paper into smaller postcard-sized pieces before you put the glue on to the paper. This will make for smaller pieces of paper to cover with paint and will give you the option to use the small paintings as cards. Just write a little message on the back and send them off the grandparents.

How simple is that? What Valentine’s Day fun do you have planned for your family? 


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