I am a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s not only a wonderous holiday to shower your sweetie with acts of love but it’s also my birthday! My mom always made sure my birthdays were a big deal and for the longest time I thought everyone on the planet celebrated my birthday. Even after reality hit, and I realized all those Valentine cards weren’t for me, my mom made sure to make me feel loved and special every Valentines Day with the tradition of presents and breakfast in bed.

She began this birthday tradition in elementary school and has really never stopped. In third grade I remember waking up early on my birthday and arranging my stuffed animals on my bed awaiting the breakfast in bed “surprise.” In high school I had to get to school early so those breakfasts ended up being a McDonald’s drive thru but she still would still wake me up with my gift wrapped in beautiful paper with a huge pink bow. After I left for college I thought it may end but as Valentine’s Day came my freshman year she showed up at my dorm room with a Starbucks and gift in hand! Once I got married for sure it would end. How strange for your husband to wake up to his mother in law hovering over your bed with a huge smile and balloons in her hand. Creepy right? Surprisingly no! My hubby actually got in on the planning and as long as she also brought a Starbucks for him he was cool with it.

Celebrating one of my many bithdays with my mom. I found this one in my scrapbook.

Celebrating one of my many bithdays with my mom. I found this one in my scrapbook.

Then one year I was a bit bummed to learn I would be at a convention in Las Vegas over Valentines Day. My mom had always said that as long as I lived an hour away that I could count on my birthday breakfast. For sure my luck had run out. It would be the one year I would miss my coveted breakfast in bed and my mom’s fun smile and good morning song. I woke up in my hotel room that birthday morning to a knock on my door and a smiling mother, presents and breakfast in hand. Turns out her husband also had a convention that week and she tagged along, but that’s besides the point. I was pretty shocked to say the least.

That’s pretty much how my birthdays have gone my entire life. My mom has never missed a single one and I covet our little tradition. You can see why I always felt special on my day no matter if my friends remembered, I had a sweetie at the time or I didn’t get the gift I wanted. None of that mattered because my mom made me feel so super loved nothing could bring me down.

As I prepare for the birth of our second son (this coming week!)  I want to instill in him that same sense of value. I want to create our own birthday traditions to show him how special and loved he is to us. So much so that nothing anyone else can say or do can distract from this sense of belonging to a family that loves and cares for you no matter how old you get.

What birthday traditions do you have in your family?

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