Our youngest daughter turned 2 in June. Since she was a wee little one she’s loved her binky. Her love for her binky is so strong it may rival the love she feels for her dad, me or even her sister who is her favorite person on the planet. During every nap time, every bed time and many long car rides, Delaney has had her binky. In the beginning, we sought out a few binky accessories to help us keep track of the little buggers. We found a binky clip to keep her binky from falling all over the floor in those months before she had full control over it. Her Bao Bao duck is a most-loved binky investment outside the binkies themselves as it holds onto her bedtime binky, giving her something to snuggle with and stops the pacifier from making a nighttime escape behind her crib or onto the floor.

I’ll openly admit I had hoped Delaney would be a thumb sucker over a pacifier lover. My oldest was a thumb sucker, and it was so simple. There was never anything to keep track of, no mad dash to find her soother of choice when she was upset and seemingly less stigma around her thumb sucking habit than we have noticed around Delaney’s use of a binky as she gets older.


As Delaney has gotten older, we have tried to limit her binky use to bedtimes and long car rides. For at least the last eight or 10 months, she only had access to her precious binkies during the restricted times we had set. In the last month or so, there has been a marked increase in Delaney’s requests for her beloved binkies. She’s started asking to go back to bed at random times throughout the day just to get access to her binky . She’ll even ask directly saying she “needs a binky.” We’ve been torn on how to handle the requests. She was supposed to be starting to wean off her binky habit. But at the same time her older sister had open access to her thumb at all times and took advantage of it until she was over 3 years old. So my husband and I have sort of given in and allowed Delaney a little more access to her binky. Sure, I still get disapproving looks from random strangers who obviously think she is too old or big for a pacifier. I’m not too worried about what they think though, I’m more worried about making it through a grocery trip with a happy 2-year-old and the health and happiness of said 2-year-old. Is 2 years old too old for a pacifier? If you ask me, no. Not at all.

What would you do, allow the use increased use of a pacifier or keep the restricted plan in place? Do you think a 2-year-old is too old for a pacifier?

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