I am excited to announce that I am 18 weeks pregnant! Although I work in the baby industry and I have many friends and family members who have been pregnant in recent years, I was not mentally (or physically) prepared for everything that pregnancy entails.


I always knew it would take a toll on my body and my emotions, but I was not aware of how quickly these changes would happen. I always assumed it would be once I was showing.

Here is the truth about my first trimester:

1. I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck! I’ve always been an energetic and active person. But the second I was pregnant (and even before I knew), all I wanted to do was sleep. I was beyond tired, and taking naps became my new hobby. All of my motivation went out the window, and sleeping was the only thing I could think about. TIP: TAKE A NAP! I am a firm believer in listening to your body, so go to bed early, take a nap if you need it, and sleep in. Once the baby arrives you will not have this luxury.

2. Morning Sickness = All Day Sickness! There was nothing worse than being in a meeting and trying to concentrate when all I was able to think about was how to keep myself from throwing up. I was always afraid that my co-workers would think I was constantly hung over because they didn’t know I was pregnant. TIP: Have mints/gum and a toothbrush with you at all times. I also recommend having a puke bag – because you do not want to use the trash can in your office unless absolutely necessary (trust me!).

3. Hiding Your Pregnancy (from Meddling Friends)! It was frustrating when my friends and family members kept asking me if I was pregnant. Isn’t there supposed to be a grace period? My advice is: STAY STRONG! Waiting several weeks to tell people might seem like forever, but don’t worry – time will fly. TIP: If you’re in a situation where there is alcohol, you can have your husband take sips from your glass, you can pretend to drink but spit it back into the glass, you can dump the glass when nobody is looking, or if you’re in a restaurant you can tell the server in private to make your drink non-alcoholic. I found these tricks really confused some of my friends who thought I was pregnant.

4. You’re Not OVER THE MOON Excited! It was hard for me to be excited during my first trimester when I was tired and constantly nauseous. I felt very blessed to be pregnant, and I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right to ensure a healthy baby. But I wondered if it was normal to not be excited when I felt awful and uncomfortable every day. This took a toll on my confidence. Plus, I was worried about being responsible for another human being , the financial aspect, my career path, the relationship with my husband, and all of the other life changes I knew were in the future.

5. The Friends who Say their Pregnancy Was Roses & Unicorns! During my first trimester, when some of my girlfriends talked about how wonderful their pregnancies were and how they were never sick, I literally felt like punching them. It was beyond frustrating to hear them talk about their perfect pregnancies when I feet awful. Seriously, it could not have been all rainbows and sunshine for them!

What are the things that you wish you knew about the first trimester that nobody told you?


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  1. Maria says:

    I do understand you. I was very sick on both pregnancies. It wasn’t comfortable. I had problems with all kind of smells. I used to make bread from scratch, I used to cook and I stopped because I couldn’t smell any food or spice, etc. It was terrible. I ate a lot of ice cream and crackers. I stopped to eat red, green and yellow peppers, no more curry, onions, etc. Some foods I don’t eat anymore since that first pregnancy 25 years ago.
    I had problems with fragrance, shampoo, deodorant and body odor smells.
    My nose was so sensitive that I was pain in the but for awhile. My husband went to Japan with a scholarship and I stayed home by myself for 45 days. We decided to make some changes in the house to receive the baby and I suffered a lot with the smells of concrete, carpet glue and paint.We leaved in a nice house , front lake but very isolated and I had to drive to school everyday in a bad dirty road . I used to stop and throw up all the way to school. Just had enough time to stop the car and open the door and ughhhhh.
    I gained weight during the pregnancy but my son was very big baby and I’m a small person. After I had my first one I got so skinny, like never before.
    My second pregnancy, I had the same sickness with nausea and throwing up and was more difficult because I had my oldest one to take care of and I had to cook and take care of him.
    But, we forget all this after you start to feeling them kicking you and after birth. I would do all over again, with no regrets. I love my boys.

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