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It doesn’t matter if you have ten baby showers or spend hours poring over parenting magazines: new parents inevitably end up needing to pick up an item or two that they forgot. Here are ten baby items that many parents find themselves buying after the baby comes along.

Burp cloths
Those thin little blankets just won’t cut it. Stock up on some high-quality, absorbent burp cloths for feeding.

Nighttime soother
Soft noises and gentle lights help soothe baby back to sleep at night.

Infant carrier/wrap
Many parents skip the infant carrier or wrap because they prefer strollers. What they’ll quickly discover is that parenting isn’t at all about what they prefer, but about what the baby prefers. After having been in the womb for nine months, many babies want to be held constantly. A carrier like the ERGObaby or a wrap like the Moby can give you your hands back while keeping baby happy.

Diaper cream
Everyone knows about diaper cream, but this essential often winds up on the “we’ll get it when we need it” list. Diaper rashes can come on without much warning and get pretty severe pretty quickly. Be prepared!

Baby bouncer
Baby bouncers give parents somewhere to set their babies down when they need to cook, do the dishes or just take a quick shower. Best of all, the soothing movements keep baby happy during those inevitable fussy periods!

Portable crib
Most people don’t buy a portable crib because they assume that they either won’t be travelling much with the baby, or that their playpen will do the trick. Many find, however, that they need somewhere safe to put the baby down while visiting a friend or taking a quick trip to the in-laws’ house down the road. And while playpens definitely come in handy, they can be really bulky and inconvenient when your car is already stuffed full of diapers and strollers. The Babybjorn Travel Crib Light 2 folds up no bigger than the size of an average diaper bag and is a lifesaver for busy, on-the-go parents.

Bulb syringe
Babies and toddlers don’t know how to blow their nose. These little suckers help keep troublesome colds from turning into much scarier sinus infections.

Movement detector
A must-have for worried parents, movement detectors slip under the baby’s mattress and monitor their breathing, sounding off an alarm if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. This miraculous invention lets parents stop stressing as much about SIDS so they can take advantage of baby’s nap time.

Infant Tylenol
When your month-old baby suddenly spikes a fever, you’ll be glad you already have this on hand instead of trying to tromp off to the local drugstore at 2 am.

Blanket sleepers
Parents all learn the swaddling routine right off the bat and receive a jillion receiving blankets, but many babies surprisingly don’t like to be swaddled or somehow kick right on through that tightly-wrapped muslin. Blanket sleepers keep babies warm when blankets just don’t cut it, and they have convenient zippers for midnight changes.

If you’ve covered the basics and you’re worried about “extras” you may be forgetting, try to relax. No parent is totally prepared for every baby contingency. The best thing to do is to keep some of those gift cards from the baby shower handy so you can easily pick up any forgotten necessities after the baby comes along!

What items did you end up buying after your baby was born?

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6 Responses to Top ten baby items that parents forget to buy

  1. Great point that parents will “quickly discover is that parenting isn’t at all about what they prefer, but about what the baby prefers.” So true.

    Everything you listed are all great things that people register for, and I think parents need to remember (and be reminded!) to go back and buy what they registered for but didn’t get… because there’s a reason why they’ve been listed as must-haves on registry lists!

    I actually have my own simple to follow baby check-list called the Tyckled Baby List, and it features strategies of when to start, where and what to do next – a guide essentially.

  2. I have to say I wished I had purchased a Nose Frida nose sucker. That thing was awesome when he got a runny nose around 7 months. Best part was I couldn’t hurt him with it becasue it didn’t go up his nose.

  3. I didn’t buy more than one pacifier, which was really unhelpful when the only one we had disappeared ! I probably didn’t have enough burp clothes at first, I didn’t realise how messy things could get.

  4. Bean and Me says:

    I was probably the opposite to the “norm”. I went a little overboard stocking up on everything, even things that I didn’t really use that much of, like baby oil. I like to give practical gift baskets to friends and family when they have a baby which includes things that I know I used a lot of – such as wipes, barrier creams, bath soap, powder and other things that they will use all the time. Every little bit helps.

  5. I remember wondering what Muslin Wrap is when I saw it in the hospital bag list. I went to google to find it up. Also, didn’t know how hard to wear some singlets that I had puchased . Second time I felt like an expert.

  6. Sophia says:

    You absolutely have wonderful post. Your list is sharing and making things easier for today’s new and expecting parents.

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