I have three boys and let me tell you we have done A LOT of fun birthday themes. Here’s our list of the top 7 classic themes that are such fun and offer hundreds of ideas from decor to games to goody bags.


  1. Pirate Party – There are so many ways you can take a Pirate themed party. Whether you go with a Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme or simple classic Pirate decor there is so much you can do with it. Kids can walk the plank into a pool, find buried treasure in the sandbox or even have battling ships with cannons (think big soft balls).image
  2. Superhero Party – What little boy doesn’t want to be a superhero!? I will speak from experience that even Daddy gets into this kind a party theme. From make your own masks to a photo booths set up like you’re flying the fun never ends. You can incorporate any hero your son (or husband) likes or heck incorporate them all lIke this cute vintage comic book themed superhero party below. image
  3. Dinosaur Party – This is an awesome theme and one which we plan to do for my son who turns three this year. From a ROARING contest to digging for fossils in the sand pit kids will not be short of fun things to do. I will be utilizing this DIY tutorial of fun Dino spiked socks for party favors.image
  4. Animal Party – From lions to lizards animals can make a great theme. You can go with a Zoo, Safari or Jungle theme. Or if you have a boy as obsessed with Wild Kratts as I do you can choose all the animals! Making creature power suits and coming up with inventive games such as “Kangaroo Power sack race” or “Beaver Power build your own dam” is no problem thanks to Hyer Love Blog. She shares tons of fun ideas to make your Wild Kratts party a can’t miss. image
  5. Cars Party – Anything that goes VROOM is going to be a hit with boys. Whether you do a Disney Cars movie theme or a simple race car theme there is lots of fun ideas to pick from. From green punch labeled ‘Antifreeze’ to paint your own wooden race car station. I love this idea below from Vicky Barone for a fun photo booth.image
  6. Cowboy Party – Stick em up! This theme can give you oodles of fun from shoot the outlaw to pin the badge on the sheriff. Plus bandanas as a favor upon arrival puts every kid into the western spirit.image
  7. Outer Space Party – This is one party theme where a zero gravity bounce house is a necessity! From Jet Pack party favors to a Star Cave using a cardboard box and Christmas lights (see blog link here) there are so many creative ways to make your party out of this world. image

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