My Smartphone has become a necessary part of my life. Sometimes it’s my only connection to the outside world when I’ve got an infant physically attached to my body and two other children vying for my attention. Through trial and error I’ve accrued a nice collection of apps that make my life easier, whether at home or on the go. Here are five of my must-have apps for new and seasoned moms alike.

1. Baby Connect

Baby Center App Best Mom Apps

A friend told me about the Baby Connect App and I am so glad I downloaded it. It is downright essential for the first few months of life, no matter how many kids you’ve have. After leaving the hospital and their constant grilling of how many diapers I’ve changed and when I last nursed, I had a hard time keeping track of everything. Baby Connect tracks feedings, sleep, diaper changes, mood, activities, milestones, reminders and more. You can even share your child’s account with another parent or caregiver so that everyone is on the same page.

2. Mom Maps

Mom Maps Best Mom Apps

I love the idea for this Mom Maps App. It helps you find kid-friendly locations no matter where you are. This is great for finding a new park, an indoor play date location or a great coffee shop to meet up with other moms at. There are reviews from other users, and if you know of or find a great place you can add it as well. As with all apps that depend mostly on user-generated content, you may not always find the most complete information, so keep that in mind.

3. iReward Chart

iReward Best Mom Apps

This is for older kids, but the iReward Chart App has been such a help for handling my six year old. Having another new baby in the house can be especially stressful on the oldest child, so it’s important to not only spend time with them, but also to make sure you’re not just letting them get away with everything. You can create your own rewards, assign values to them and create or use the provided chores/activities. The lite version is pretty limited, but on the paid version you can add multiple children and use more chores and rewards.

4. My Baby Today

My Baby Best Mom Apps

The My Baby Today App by BabyCenter is a great tool for keeping track of your baby’s milestones and connecting with a community of moms with babies in the same stage as yours. The calendar offers advice, humor and fun facts. There is a customizable checklist you can use however you like, and of course the Birth Club – full of other moms of babies born in the same month as yours.

5. Wunderlist

Wunderlist Best Mom Apps

I used to use the notepad that automatically comes with the phone for making my to-do lists or shopping lists. It does the job, but sometimes you need something a little fancier. I found the Wunderlist App and I fell in love. Not only can you make a gajillion to-do lists on it, you can synch to multiple devices – including your husband’s. Forgot to add something to the grocery list after he’s already left to go to the store? No problem, just add it to your Wunderlist and when he refreshes the list it’ll be right there for him. Best of all, you can set it to remind you about certain items or lists, so you won’t forget to stop at the post office when you’re running back and forth between your kids’ activities.

Do you have any favorite or must-have apps?

3 Responses to Top Five Apps for Moms

  1. OMG! Most helpful post ever!!! I have been searching for good apps like these. I am going to download them all right now. Can’t wait to start using the Wunderlist. I’ve been using the Notes portion too. I would also say the YouTube app is a must have for my Little Man. 😉 He even knows how to search for his favorite videos while mom checks out at the grocery store.

  2. Kirsten says:

    BabyConnect is really great for the first few mos. Finn dropped in his weight percentile and I found myself having to track how much he was eating later too, and it’s a great app – you can use just one little piece or use lots of the functions. Pricey but great.

    • Kirsten says:

      After looking at my phone, I have to also say that the Amazon and CraigslistPro apps are probably some of my most-used apps as a mom. Need more diapers? They’re on their way. Need baby gear? Check CL – it’s probably there and cheaper than running to Target. Again.

      Oh, and I will also put in a plug for AniMatch for your toddler (Kate!) – it’s the best basic matching tiles game I have found and can occupy your kidlet for a few mins as necessary.

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