It’s no secret that we are a family that loves to travel – especially via road trips. We’re no strangers to taking babies on those trips, either. When my husband had a nice little chunk of time off of work between Christmas and New Years Day, I proposed we take a short family trip – even though I had just had a baby three weeks prior.

I can’t help it. I want my kids to see and experience things that they can’t see or do from home. And they are lucky enough to grow up in a really cool state (California) where we can literally be in the desert, then in the mountains, and then on a beach all in one day. At three weeks old our daughter doesn’t really understand what a vacation is, but we hope she will grow up to enjoy it as much as her brothers – who were all once tiny travelers themselves.

Baby on Vacation

Hanging with Mom while the brothers pan for gemstones.

There are always risks when taking a newborn or a baby on a road trip. Especially in the wintertime where in some places it’s not safe to be driving around, or the temperature is just too cold to have a baby outside. We took that into consideration of course. We checked the local weather and went where we knew it would be a comfortable temperature with no extreme weather.

For this particular trip we stayed close to home by doing basically a circle around it. That way, if we needed to cut our trip short for any reason, we were always only a couple of hours away from home. Surprisingly, it still felt like we were in a very different place thanks to the diversity of Southern California.

Baby on Vacation

Salvation Mountain

She may have only experienced the trip from her car seat and in the wrap while I carried her, and she may have slept through almost the whole thing entirely, but I think her first vacation was a great one. Of course it won’t be her last one either. I’m already planning the next family road trip – just a couple of months away.

baby on vacation

Enjoying the hotel bed.

Have you ever traveled with an infant or newborn?

2 Responses to I Took My Three Week Old Baby on a Road Trip

  1. It looks like you all had such a great time! And my hat goes off to you for doing it with four boys and a newborn 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    Yes, big kudos, Angela! And congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! My husband and I became first time parents in August when we adopted our daughter. We had a 10 hour road trip to bring her home when she was 8 days old. Wasn’t too bad. Just as yours did, our daughter pretty much slept through the whole thing!

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