I love my children. We all love our children. Without them, we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves. But lately there are a few things that are driving me craaaaaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyy when it comes to my toddlers! Huh? What’s that? You relate? Yeah. Thought so. So, thought I’d take a chance (that you’d relate) and vent. Please, share your vents in the comments. Feel feee to top what I’ve outlined below. I know you probably can. It might make us all laugh and feel less frustrated together. Promise.

May I present — Six Toddler Behaviors That Are Driving Me Absolutely Nuts (despite how much I love my girls):

MULTIPLE COSTUME CHANGES. Topping my list is the incessant need to dress the part of whatever character game/movie/mention/tv-show taking our direct attention. I think I change costumes on my girls about 12 time per day. I’m not exaggerating (I blame our cousins for giving so many dress-up costumes for birthdays… it’s borderline insanity). Princesses, Peppa Pig, fairies, Pinkalicious… even Carrie Underwood in the recent TV remake of  The Sound of Music… we dress up as all of you on a daily basis. We sometimes go to the market dressed as you. And we’ve got props too. Elsa’s glove, anyone? DONE – we put white socks on our hand.

Elsa does pick out the best apples.

Elsa does pick out the best apples.

LOLLIPOP OBSESSION. I’m sorry, but I don’t have a lollipop in my purse at all times. How unfortunate… because these days we are obsessed with the idea of lollipops and convinced that mommy must carry them with her at all times. My 3 year old daughter, out of blue when we’re out and about: I want a lollipop! Me: I’m sorry I don’t have one right now. (Hysterical screaming ensues. Followed by my 2 year old realizing that she also wants a lollipop… in which I repeat how I don’t have one… followed by TWO munchkins screaming at me. In public.)

Cute, I know. But I don't have them ALL the time.

Cute, I know. But I don’t have them ALL the time.

TOY GRABBING. My 2 year old can’t pick one thing up without the 3 year old grabbing it out of her hands. Then we have instant crying, screaming and yelling (the yelling part compliments of me).

CURTAIN PULLING. It is kind of funny, but all be darned if I’m going to dish out how many hundreds of dollars to replace and/or repair the curtains in my home. Get out of there! It’s a constant scenario at our house. Hehehehehehehehehheeeee they both giggle in high-pitched squeals. I sometimes do too (since they can’t see me) but then I realize how expensive it will be if they rip something down and then I turn all stern on them. Get out of there now. 

I know. Those feet won't be that little one day soon.

I know. Those feet won’t be that little one day soon.

NIGHTTIME WHINING.  This is going on right now as I plunk out this piece. Ahhhhhhhh! Mama. Maaaaaa-maaaaaa. I just put my girls to bed and the 3 year old is fake-crying to get me to let her come out to the family room and watch TV. Not happening. Time for BED. End of story. Go to bed now. You’re 3 and you’re exhausted from our busy day. Go to BED.

FOOD ON THE FLOOR. I still can’t believe this hasn’t stopped from almost a year ago. But, it hasn’t. And I’m still doing the same thing. At least now I’ve convinced them that it’s fun to clean up after themselves. Too harsh? Hey, it’s fun.

Here's hoping this novelty doesn't wear off too soon.

Here’s hoping this novelty doesn’t wear off too soon.

So how do I deal? I breathe (after I yell). Literally, I tell myself to ‘breathe’ like I’m in some sort of zen-for-life workshop. And then someone usually does or says or looks at me in a way that only a mother could love and I usually end up smiling… what a sucker.



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