Toddler-Proof Your Christmas TreeI’ve been anxious to put my Christmas tree up until I remembered a not-so-minor fact – I have a toddler this year.

Most of the ornaments on my tree are breakable and have sentimental value attached to them. So in an effort to save them, I’m going to have to do my best to toddler proof my Christmas tree.

Here are my top tips on how to toddler proof your Christmas tree:

Keep Truly Valuable Ornaments Off your Tree

Toddlers grow up. Eventually you’ll be able to put ornaments on your tree without (too much) fear of them breaking. This year isn’t it for me. Those truly one-of-a-kind ornaments may just have to stay in the box this year for safekeeping.

Put Breakable Ornaments Up High

Toddlers can only reach so high (unless they try and climb the tree… which has NEVER happened in my house). Put those extra breakable (or extra special) ornaments towards the top of your tree. Reserve anything within your toddler’s reach for more durable or easily replaceable ornaments. This may give your tree a kind of unbalanced look. Just think of it as the ombre look for your tree.

Let your Toddler Examine Each Ornament

Toddlers like to touch things. The more you try and keep things out of their reach, the more they want to touch them… and toddlers WILL go to extreme measures to get what they want. As you are decorating your tree, allow your toddler to see each ornament up close and touch it gently with supervision. Once she realizes that the ornaments don’t do anything exciting (unless you have ornaments with moving parts like I do) then she’ll quickly move onto something else.

Teach your Toddler the Two-Finger Touch

If the tree is off limits, there’s nothing your toddler is going to want more. Teach your toddler to touch delicate things with two fingers. This will prevent them from grabbing at the ornaments on the tree and encourage much more gentle touches.

Put a Train around your Tree

There’s nothing like a little distraction. Put a train around your tree – a functional one, not a decorative one that can’t be touched. When your toddler gravitates towards the tree the train will distract your toddler before she makes it to the ornaments, providing a ring of safety for the tree.

How do you toddler-proof your Christmas Tree?

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  1. Great tips! I have BOTH a toddler and a baby who is pulling up on everything this year. AHHH!

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