It’s the second week of December. Somehow I was organized enough to get our holiday cards ordered, addressed, stamped and in the mail box within the first few days of the month. Generally I’m happy just to have our holiday cards arrive before Christmas. Honestly every year I debate not sending cards at all. It seems like the price for decent quality cards, and the price of postage gets higher and higher every year. Ordering, prepping and mailing cards takes a lot of time too. I’m not trying to be overly bah humbug here. Holiday cards are just a bit of a pain.

So what keeps me mailing out cards every year? Well – besides my children’s cuteness which I feel must fill the mailboxes of friends, family and acquaintances each year – I love getting mail. I’m not sending cards so that I’ll receive cards. I mention my love of receiving holiday cards because each November I step into the shoes of other’s and assume that if I love opening my mailbox and seeing the colorful envelopes and handwritten addresses of holiday cards instead of just junk and bills than my friends and family will too.

I guess I should take this opportunity to confess something to you. I wish I could say that staying in touch with friends and family throughout the year is one of my strong suits. Alas is it not. Holiday cards are a good way for me to say “hey, I might be lame the rest of the year and forget to call, write or send pictures but I promise I am thinking of you and I love ya.”

Hopefully a holiday card graced by a picture of my cute girls gets that very wordy message across to my loved ones.

So my answer is “to send.” Based on the handful of holiday cards I’ve receive so far this season I would venture a guess that a lot of the people on my mailing list may have chosen “not to send.”

Do you send holiday cards? How many do you send?

2 Responses to To holiday card or not holiday card: that is the question

  1. jillsimonian says:

    Totally with you… Just today, as I opened another card from a dear friend that I haven’t seen in a while, I realized how cards really make the season special. If you think about it… it’s pretty much the ONLY time of year that we all receive “fun” mail to remind us of the loved ones in our life. I guess now I’ve got to do mine… (but I cheat and do New Years cards, to bide me some extra time) 🙂

  2. Completely agree. I LOVE getting cards in the mail and frankly I prefer seeing photos than just a signature at the bottom of a classic card with some Hallmark greeting. My mom, a graphoc designer, does a full on multiple page newsletter each year and I always get so many comments from people on how they look forward to her newsletter (she’s also a funny writer). So maybe my love of cards came from her. Either way I am a bit of a control freak in making sure to get family photos sometime in November and ordering cards by the end of the month so they can be in boxes early Dec. I think we hit 120 this year with our growing list.

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