Traveling while pregnant isn’t always easy. During each of my pregnancies I’ve done some serious adventuring; from cross-country plane rides, to road trips, and even camping. From a few weeks along to a few weeks from popping – sometimes even pushing it a little as far as the guidelines for pregnant traveling go. Along the way I’ve learned a few tricks and found some great products that really help make pregnant traveling an enjoyable experience. Here are my must-haves when traveling-for-two.

Always talk to your doctor before planning a trip. Regardless of how far along you are, you may not be okay to travel long distances. In a higher-risk pregnancy your doctor might not want you going too far away from home. If you are cleared to go, it’s best to bring a doctor’s note for air travel, just in case the airline gives you any trouble. And when planning out your trip, don’t forget to take into account how far along you’ll be on your way home too.

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Wear and pack comfortable clothes and shoes. Whether you’re sitting for a long period of time or walking all over a new city, it’s important to not feel restricted by what you’re wearing. It doesn’t have to be frumpy either. A nice pair of leggings with a loose tunic top or dress paired with a super comfy pair of flats makes for a great travel outfit that is cute as well.

Pack your favorite snacks. When I’m pregnant, I tend to be a very picky eater. Sometimes airplane or truck stop food just isn’t appealing, so it’s imperative that I bring things with me that I’ll happily eat to help keep my energy – and blood sugar – up. For me it was things like string cheese, pretzels, apples, and granola bars, but everyone has different preferences. Pick foods that you know will agree with you, but bring some tums just in case!

Morning sickness can also mean motion sickness. During one of my pregnancies I was so sick that my doctor had to give me a prescription to help. Even if you’ve been feeling good for a few days before you depart, it’s best to bring your nausea medicine or a pressure point bracelet because we all have our good and bad days during pregnancy.

Drink lots of water. Stock up on water, or bring a refillable water bottle along that you can fill up as needed. Traveling takes a lot out of you, and anyone can get dehydrated from it. During pregnancy your body needs more water than normal, so make sure to be vigilant about drinking it to avoid feeling sick or run down while on your journey.

Compression socks do work. If you’re prone to swelling, compression socks are going to be your best friend. It’s not easy to lay back and relax with your feet up while you’re in an airplane or car, but the socks are designed to help with blood flow while in any position. Look for a low-gauge, graduated compression sock – or ask your doctor for recommendations.

Airline Timetable

Account for frequent stops. If you’re driving, make sure to take a route that allows for ample restroom breaks – and leave about 15 minutes for each one in your schedule. If flying, book an aisle seat if possible to avoid having to make your neighbors get up every time you need to. Although it’s not the most desirable option, consider breaking up longer flights with layovers to help with restlessness and to let you stretch your legs a bit. Just make sure you have plenty of time to get from gate to gate so you’re not rushing and stressing out.
A vacation should be a relaxing time, and with these tips you can be sure you’re a prepared and stress-free traveler no matter what stage of pregnancy you may be in.

Have you ever gone on a trip while pregnant?


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