Halloween is one of those times that you want some pictures of the kids–especially in their cute costumes and with all the other fun that goes along with the day.  But, getting decent pictures can sometimes be tricky. In fact, sometimes just even remembering what shots to take can be a challenge. So, here are a few tips so that your Halloween fun is remembered with some great photos:

1. Take advantage of the “magic hour“. This is perfect for Halloween. Get the kids dressed a little early, while there is still daylight. Using that golden (or magical) last hour of light before the sun sets will not only allow you to see their costumes better, but should create some great color tones in the photos. To see when the “magic hour” is where you are, check out golden-hour calulator.

2. Do themed poses & action shots. Instead of just the “traditional” standing shot in front of the door, have the kids do some fun poses related to their costume theme. Let them “get into character” and have fun with it. The photos will tell the story so much better. A bonus is that you’ll likely end up with some hilarious outtakes.

3. Make use of the Halloween “props”. Use Halloween decorations, pumpkins (my favorite with babies), or anything else that fits in with the costume theme to enhance the photos. We were a pirate family last year and one nearby neighborhood house turns into a GIANT pirate ship. So, we drove over there to trick or treat and have our pictures taken in front of it. Super fun!

4. Experiment with different lighting. You can certainly use the flash to light up the night. But, there are lots of other things to try with your lighting that will most likely create a much more interesting photo–candlelight, glow sticks, jack o’ lantern glow, or even light from different angles. For those shooting in manual mode, make sure to change the ISO for different effects as well.

5. Take LOTS of pictures (& at different views). To get those “perfect” shots (unless you’re a super-pro), you’ll probably need to snap a lot of photos! Try different angles; do close-ups of costumes; snap photos walking along during trick or treating; and be sure to get one of all the candy at the end of the night!

What are your must-take Halloween photos?

2 Responses to Tips for Taking Great Halloween Photos of the Kids!

  1. Catherine says:

    I love getting action shots. My daughter’s first year out trick-or-treating we caught so many fun shots of her excitement over getting candy.

  2. I totally took a picture of my 3-month old laying in a pile of pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. It really doesn’t get much cuter than that!

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