With the busy schedules of today’s busy families, it’s easy to let healthy habits slide, but if you make healthy living a priority and turn healthy choices into healthy habits, you’ll find it’s easier than it may seem.


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Tips for Living a Healthy Lifestyle as a Family

Get Active as a Family

When an active lifestyle is the norm in your home, it’s easy to set a good example for your children. Even with a busy schedule, it’s easy to find ways to get active as a family. Go for walks after dinner, take a family bike ride to breakfast or the library every Saturday, set-up standing soccer games in the backyard while dinner is cooking. Kids love taking part in classes and teams, but they’ll learn to make an active lifestyle a priority when they see their parents getting active, too.

Eat Well

Life is busy and sometimes it’s just easier to make a box of macaroni and cheese than a full, fresh meal, but when you stock easy healthy food in your house and make eating healthy food the rule and not the exception, you’re setting up your whole family for healthy eating success. There are more and more easy but healthy snack options available all the time. Individually packaged fruit and applesauce pouches, nuts and pre-cut fruits and veggies, are just a few examples of easy but healthy snacks you can serve up on the go. Another easy way to make healthy eating is to always offer fruits or veggies with every meal – which is one way to deal with a picky eater, too.

Keep Things in Tip Top Shape

The family that brushes together keeps all their teeth together. Things like good dental hygiene and body care are best learned though strong routines and good examples. Brushing teeth as a family, keeping everyone in the family up to date with doctor’s and dentist’s visits and practicing good hand washing habits are few easy ways to practice good body care.

Get Enough Rest

We all know what a toddler in desperate need of a good nap is like. Setting good routines around nap schedules, bedtimes and other sleep habits is a surefire way to make getting enough rest a part of your families healthy living routine. As a mom, I struggle the most not with making sure my kids get enough sleep but with making sure I get myself to bed at a reasonable time. Parents need enough sleep to meet the demands of their days, too. Make sure you get your kids to bed at a good time, and make sure you get yourself to bed, too.


What healthy living habits do you swear by for your family?

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  1. It’s fun to start everything with your family besides you and supports you. But getting fit and achieving a healthy lifestyle will be more encouraging if you and your family are doing it altogether.

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