Pregnancy is an awesome experience. I loved being pregnant with both my daughters. I loved feeling them move around in my rounded belly. I liked planning their nurseries and picking out names. It probably isn’t a surprise to hear I loved those things. Afterall lots of people do. There was one thing I really loved about pregnancy that might be a bit of a surprise. The registry.

I love to research and compare. I am one of those people who will look at every available option before making a purchase. I loved walking around the stores with scanners and clicking around online building a wish list of sorts for me and my child. Baby stuff is fun. Little spoons, socks and fancy strollers. I like it all.

I enjoy bulding baby registries so much I have even volunteered to help friends work their way through aisles of baby gear to pick out the perfect things for their baby wish lists. I just can’t help it. It’s too much fun. I realize that not everyone feels this way. Afterall my friends can’t be the only people out there who get overwhelmed at the idea of creating a baby registry. With that in mind I am offering up handy tips to help you build a great baby registry.

1. Skip registering for clothes, blankets and toys. Trust me you’ll get a variety of each even if you don’t register for them.

2. Use sample registries or check lists provided by stores to help guide you. These resources are not rules but are a great starting point.

3. Ask real moms what their must-have baby items are. Also ask what they would skip registering for if they could do things over again. Their experience and insight will help you discern what items truely are must-haves and what items are duds.

4. Register for items across a variety of price points. Giving people a variety of price points to choose from assures that everyone will have options in their price range.

5. Try to put all your needed items on your registry, even the big things. You never know if gift givers in your life might be feeling extra generous and want to gift you with that awesome crib or high-end stroller.

6. Think about your needs down the line. Babies grow quickly and it’s helpful to be prepared with things like a baby food maker or sippy cups even though they are not needed right away.

7. Avoid registering for things that are not in line with your parenting philosophies. Register for items that truely fit your needs and plans as a parent. For example if you know a video baby monitor or cutsie diaper bag aren’t your style don’t feel presure to add one to your registry just because they are in vouge.

What are your tips for creating a baby registry?

7 Responses to Tips for creating a baby registry

  1. I agree about registering things for the future. Especially clothing, you end up with so many 0-6 months and then they grow out of it so quickly. Register for 6-12 months and 18months too!

  2. Great tips! I love tip number 5. We were definitely surprised by a few people who were very generous when we had our first baby.

  3. So true about #5! I registered for the Stokke highchair and a VERY expensive carseat and got BOTH! Was so thankful we had made our wishes known. And even though I didn’t register for clothes I had gotten a ton of hand me downs so we asked (very tactfully) on the shower invite for no clothes under 6 months. Worked like a charm. Just pulled out a jogging suit in 24 months that I got for Little Mans shower. : )

    • Catherine says:

      I was thrilled when a few friends went in together and bout our car seat for us and when my in-laws pitched in for Delaney’s crib! Yay for getting those awesome necessities!

  4. Ronni Seaver says:

    Thanks for the tips, they were helpful to me.

  5. irina says:

    Great tips ..Thank you for posting

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