It’s back to school time and that means one thing’s for certain – the morning rush is back on! In our house, I’m often having to wake up the toddler, wrestle clothes on her (why do toddlers HATE putting clothes on?!), grabbing bags and insulated lunches, among a million other things, and getting everyone out the door.

Get everything ready the night before. And I mean everything. Pick out outfits down to the socks and lay them out for each kid (and yourself!), pack lunches, make bottles and have it all ready by the door to grab and go.  I know how hard it is after the last kiddo is finally in bed to motivate yourself to wash bottles or make lunch, but it’ll be worth it in the morning.

Prep breakfast ahead of time. Even if it’s just knowing that you’re having cereal the next morning, or laying out bowls and spoons, or making oats in a jar, just knowing you have a plan for the inevitable rushed morning breakfast will make you feel just a wee bit more in control. And just in case you really do run out of time? Have some easy-to-grab food on hand like bananas and breakfast bars.

Wake up earlier than the rest of the crew. Easier said than done, right? What mom wants to give up half an hour of precious sleep? But just having that 30-40 minutes to yourself before the race against the clock starts can be rejuvenating and calming, putting you in a better frame of mind to deal with all the little hiccups that are sure to arise along the way (“I don’t wanna wear the blue shirt!!”) – and give you some much needed “me” time.

Are there any other tips you swear by to relieve the pain of the morning rush?

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