The other night we were putting the kids to bed and our 20-month-old did something we weren’t expecting. He threw his leg over the side of the crib and hoisted himself right out of it. He climbed out of his crib. I realized at that moment that bed time – and nap time – were about to become a whole different ball game.

I wasn’t quite ready for this stage, so I turned to my Facebook friends for support.

crib cry

Some friends empathized with me, while others offered their suggestions on containing the wildest toddlers. I weighed my options, and with my husband’s help, decided that it was time to transition to a big boy bed.

There are a ton of different styles of toddler beds to choose from in all different price ranges. I went back and forth between getting something stylish and getting something fun. In the end, the fun bed won out, because how else are you going to convince a toddler to stay in a bed that he can climb right out of? Since my little guy loves playing with hot wheels, I figured a race car bed would be a perfect fit.


Last night was our first go at cage-free sleeping, and I’m happy to report that it went well. When transitioning out of the crib it’s pretty normal for little ones to get out of their bed a few times and try to play and avoid actually sleeping. We only had to go into the room one time to remind him it was bed time, and soon he was fast asleep.

photo (17)

This afternoon we’ll be tackling nap time. It’s a lot different when it’s not pitch black in the room. I’m terrified, but I’ll let you know how it goes.

How old were your kids when they stopped using a crib?

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