My newborn loves to grocery shop. Wednesday, grocery day, is her favorite day. Okay really she has no idea what Wednesday, grocery shopping or even what her name is. Either way each week after planning out the family’s menu for the week and writing up my grocery list 12-week-old Delaney and I head out to shop till we drop. Meaning I shop and she is completely passed out before we reach the store.

I love grocery shopping. I always have. However, I do not love grocery shopping with an infant car seat in tow.  I need all the cart space I can get and having a huge car seat taking up all that valuable real estate in the shopping cart’s basket just doesn’t cut it. Besides who wants to pile groceries around their tiny baby? Knowing my luck Delaney would end up the victim of a cereal box avalanche.

So how do sweet Delaney and I manage to get everything we need in the cart? We leave the car seat in the car and use three very important tools. Magical tools really. With these tools we make it through all of our shopping, often at two different stores, with plenty of cart space and without fussing from baby or mom.

The first item is our Moby Wrap. I’ve tried other carriers and slings for grocery shopping with Delaney and the Moby gives me the best hands free shopping. I wish I had used a Moby when my oldest was a baby. It makes things so easy. Delaney loves being snuggled against my chest and I love how secure she feels against me all while being hands free and not having the car seat.

The second item is our beloved binky. We don’t leave home without binky. Her little green Avent pacifier has my back if she starts to get restless. Between the binky and the wrap this mama has all the time she needs to make sure all the groceries on the list make it into the cart.

What’s the third tool? A latte for Mama, of course.


What are your tips and tricks to grocery shopping with a baby?

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  1. Ahhh, I remember when grocery shopping was fun with just a sleeping baby and a latte in hand. Cruising the aisles at your own pace…enjoy that while you can!

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