About a year ago (when my second baby was born) I made a rash and hasty decision. Being a little exhausted and totally uninterested in doing any research whatsoever about which double strollers worked best for new families like mine (with 2 kids barely a year and a half apart), I bought a double stroller on a whim. I totally wasn’t into it. I saw double strollers as the most ‘un-fun’ thing for me to care about. Literally, I was at a store and just bought the most convenient (and cheapest one) displayed on the shelf. And then I nicknamed it ‘The Suburban.’

A year later, I still wish I could go back and undo it. Or rather: RE-DO it.


No hate to my choice… I just wish I had thought ahead about it more. The stroller started out fine, but now that my ‘newborn’ is a year old, and weighs more than an 8-lb newborn, I’m wishing for other features that I hadn’t considered back then.

For any new moms expecting their second baby in two years, and who are shopping for a double stroller, consider the following humble nuggets of wisdom before purchasing (all true based on my experience this last year):

Don’t rule out the side-by-side doubles. I thought that getting a front-and-back type would make more sense going through doors or shopping through aisles in stores…. NO. Truth is, most side-by-sides are made slim enough now to fit through most places that you’re going to be headed with kids. Also, now that my one year old is getting more ‘vocal,’ we’re starting to have ‘protests’ about who goes in front and who goes in back. (So far the toddler is winning the front seat, but I fear my one year old isn’t gonna stand for it much longer… which doesn’t do me any favors when we’re loading up in a busy parking lot.)

Consider the steering. Most upper-end strollers have MUCH better steering (i.e.: easier) than your basic brands. (I say this as a big believer and fan of ‘basic brands.’) However, once your babe grows up a bit (like, a year) he/she gets heavier and trust me — that stroller gets harder and even more challenging to push if the ride isn’t manufactured to be an easy one from the get-go. I wish I’d shelled out a bit of extra cash a year ago for better steering…

Make sure EACH seat can fully recline. At first (with a newborn who was stuck in her carseat/basket) this didn’t matter because she was already reclined and could sleep comfortably without an issue. Now? If I find myself running late out on errands, and it’s someone’s nap time, we run into problems. The toddler complains about wanting to lay down. The baby just screams. (These are girls who actually DO sleep on the run should their seats lean back.) How can I expect my girls to get their snooze on in a stroller whose seats don’t fully recline? Idiotic on my part.

So if anyone feels like gifting me a Baby Jogger City Mini Double to make up for my hasty mistakes and last me the next year… we prefer black and grey. Please, don’t hesitate. I’ll even write you a thank you note.


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  1. Oh man great thoughts for sure! And darling if I had the money I would totally buy you the City Mini double. I have to say I am LOVING my City Select. That company sure knows what it’s doing when it comes to strollers.

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