It didn’t happen when I just had one baby, but now… oh… I’ve done it. I’ve gone a little holiday gift-crazy. The Mom-of-1 me would roll her eyes and accuse me of  being ridiculous. So what. That was then, this is now.

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I can’t help but blame my new baby. It’s her very first holiday season, and at 9-months, she’s coherent, crawling (almost walking, actually) and totally aware of how cool the Christmas tree lights are. Throw in my 2-year old (who asks me about Santa practically every day and is obsessed with going on ‘joyrides’ to scope out the decorations and lights on our neighbors’ houses) and the season has officially turned MAGICAL.

(Or maybe my extra helpings of gift-giving concentration  has something to do with this most horrific week that our country has faced? It’s like I’m trying to make something better and positive… I don’t know…)

Back to the gifts themselves: I’ve shopped, brainstormed, plotted, planned, purchased, returned, exchanged, bought again, taken back and then purchased again to finally settle on what to give my girls. It’s not that I’ve gone gift-crazy with quantity… I’ve gone gift-crazy with QUALITY.

So why all the drama?!? Just buy the darn gifts, I say in my head. They’re little… they’ll like anything. I’m actually NERVOUS about my gift-giving this year: I want my little ones to LOVE their surprises. Even though they will be thrilled with just tearing open the wrapping to find a surprise (and for my baby, to play with the paper itself)… I selfishly want them to be REALLY excited with what they find under my sparkly paper. I’m not spending a lot of money… I’ve just been consumed with finding the EXACT thing that is SO COOL for their respective stages. Shopping this season has proven that even the most level-headed gift-giver (me) is turning into a typical gift-crazy mom when it comes to thinking of little ones’ faces Christmas morning. (And then, given this particular week, I’m thinking and praying – and weeping – for those parents who have their gifts under their trees… waiting to be opened, but will never be opened.)

The mommy-of-2 in me is thankful… so thankful for so many things involving my children that I’m still debating if I should return what I already got my toddler and chuck over a ridiculous amount of cash to rush-order one of Disney’s sold-out and price-inflated “Sofia the First” dolls from Amazon because I know she’ll freak with delight if she opens it. It’s almost unheard-of how much joy I experience in my own silly imagination when I merely think of it.

And I used to think those parents who stood in line for that Tickle-Me Elmo doll years ago (remember that?) were nuts. Look who’s slowly joining them now…

From our family to yours: We wish you all the very best this season and throughout next year.



3 Responses to The unthinkable has happened: I’ve gone gift-crazy.

  1. I’m right there with ya! This is the first year Little Man is super aware and has opinions about toys…which does make me REALLY want him to be excited when he opens gifts. We actually had a gift exchange with some playdate friends and I was so excited shopping for that little 4 yr old boy and 2 year old girl. I thought I had picked out the best gifts for them and when I did not recieve any sort of reaction upon them being opened I was a bit bummed. Hence why I probably am a bit more sensitive to my sons reactions to our presents.

  2. I totally understand! For us though, we have grandparents that go a little gift-crazy. So, it’s a little easier for us to back off! 🙂

  3. Aww, we just shared our Baby Christmas Wishlist. They are so adorable to see experiencing things for the first time! I think we may go gift crazy too 🙁

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