Being pregnant the second time around is A LOT different than the first. From nausea and tiredness to your ever growing belly it’s all a bit harder when you’re chasing around a very energetic two year old.

I remember the first time around it took till almost 18 weeks before I had the beginnings of a baby bump. This time I pooched out almost the minute we conceived! Thank goodness I already had the maternity clothes on hand. Elastic is once again my best friend.

I may have been so excited to be pregnant the first time that my memory fails me but I don’t recall the nausea being that bad with Little Man. As long as I kept snacking on whatever I craved it was manageable. Granted I was craving cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate malts…which presented problems later on (don’t even ask me how much I weighed when I delivered!) but that’s a story for another post. The nausea also didn’t seem to last the full first trimester either. However, this time around it feels like it started right away and has yet to let up. It’s not that I am throwing up, I just feel crummy most of the time. It worsens if I eat super processed foods and I find I need to lie down for a while afterwards. The weird part is I don’t really ‘crave’ anything! I never thought I would say this but I am so sick of eating I wish I could just attach an IV drip so I wouldn’t have to worry if I brought enough snacks for myself to the park that day. I thought Little Man was a terror when he got hungry! Make way for preggers MOM!

Let’s also talk about how exhausted I am…ALL THE TIME! My new hangouts must now include a gated or enclosed space with a shaded bench, or even better an air conditioned chair. This way I can see Little Man playing without having to get up and chase him down. Lately we are lucky to even leave the house. This is VERY difficult for me as I am an on the go person and love to get out and be active and socialize with other moms. I now nap when he naps and I am missing those precious few hours I used to utilize to get things done. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very blessed to be able to take a nap. I am sure moms with multiple kids don’t even have that luxury anymore. But it was nice to have some quiet time in my hectic day to sit and focus on something besides the busy hands of a toddler.

How did you handle being pregnant the second time around?
Any tips for keeping a little one busy without running yourself ragged?
What was the must have snack you would throw into the diaper bag for those emergency cravings?

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5 Responses to The Second Time Around

  1. I hope you’ll keep posting these bump shots all along the way!

  2. Look at your cute little bump! I’m pregnant for the second time, too (my first is 16 months and I’m 6 months along)…I’m EXHAUSTED. I decided two is definitely enough because I can’t do this again. No way!

  3. Catherine says:

    I napped when my daughter napped, went to bed early and made sure I had snacks in my bag at all times. I think that and an understanding husband were my keys to surviving pregnancy the second time around.

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