Believe it or not this had me overflowing with joy. Man I love the third trimester nesting instinct!

So I am now 29 weeks pregnant and the nesting instinct has become almost unlivable. I fall asleep thinking about organizing my closet and I wake up dreaming of new ways to rearrange Little Man’s bedroom to accommodate another kid. My mission in life has become purging my entire house of unneeded “stuff” in order to have a clean slate when the baby comes. After all, another kid means you will begin accumulating more stuff, and the thought of adding the new stuff to the already daunting pile of old stuff is more than I can bear.

Last pregnancy I was happy to paint the nursery, put up a chair rail and decorate. This time around we re-wired the house, updated the bathroom and I am now in the process of putting on my first ever yard sale.  At this point my husband’s afraid that the nesting instinct with a third child would have us shopping for a new house. He may not be far off.

This morning I woke up and couldn’t wait to get up in the attic to purge all that stuff that has felt like a rock around my neck, weighing me down. The hubby and I spent the entire day up there going through boxes. I was really happy with how well my hubby and I worked together side by side making decisions on what to save and what to sell. The only item we even bantered about for more than a minute was a picnic basket. How silly is that!? But seriously, this man needs major props for putting up with my insane nesting urges. He never once complained about our house being under construction for two weeks during the first round of projects. And he still has yet to complain about my insistance (only a week after construction has ended) that we purge the attic and put on a huge yard sale the following Saturday. I know pregnancy is a lot of work on us as women but God love our wonderful husbands that put up with us; lifting boxes, painting walls, helping with chores, taking over toddler duties when mommy can no longer stand because her feet are the size of cantelopes. These men deserve a medal, or at least a hug and a kiss of appreciation.

So how did your nesting instincts manifest? Any crazy demands you made on your husband?

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  1. jillsimonian says:

    I’m afraid the nesting hasn’t stopped with me (almost 9 months AFTER having the second baby). I still dream about getting rid of extra stuff around here… haha!!! 2 little people accumulate A LOT! Enjoy this season!!

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