Our nursery used to serve as the guest room when visitors came over, and it always took forever to clear the room of our various baby monitors so that friends and relatives didn’t feel like they were being spied on. I’m a little overly-cautious when it comes to the kids, and have put various implements in place to ensure that their every move is monitored. Especially now that the toddler has developed a bit of a mischievous streak, I like to know when “naptime” turns into “build a fort out of diapers” time. Most moms say that they have eyes in the back of their heads. I have eyes in every nook and corner of my kids’ space.

movement monitorBest for infants: movement monitor

The first year is the highest-risk period for SIDS, and it’s this fact that keeps a lot of parents up at night, stressed out and constantly checking in on their baby. The Angelcare Deluxe Sound and Movement Monitor fits under the mattress in a baby’s crib or bassinet and monitors their breathing, sounding an alarm if no movement is detected for twenty seconds. The attached monitor on-off switch also serves as a nightlight, and the detached handheld monitors have a temperature display and movement indicator lights, with the option to activate a notification sound every time movement is detected.

motorola baby monitor

Toddler time: see the room

Getting babies settled into their own room is an important step, but it can be a scary one for parents. In spite of having the movement monitor, my husband and I used to find ourselves constantly opening the door to peek in on our son and see exactly what he was doing in there. The squeaky floors and opening and shutting of doors disturbed the baby and wound up causing unnecessary aggravation for us sleep-deprived parents. Enter the video monitor. The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor features a 3.5 inch color LCD screen to see everything your baby’s up to. The pan and zoom features come in really handy when babies turn into busy toddlers.

summer infant connect internet baby monitor

High tech and on-the-go: Wi-Fi capable

My husband is away a lot for work, and constantly asks for pictures to see what the babies are up to. Someone got us a Wi-Fi capable Summer Infant Connect Internet Baby Monitor System to add to our collection, and it’s been a great way for him to peek in on the kids on-the-go. I also love that it’s compatible over a secured connection for viewing on phones, laptops, tablets and computers so I can take a quick look on the phone at any time – no need to track down the handheld monitor. The one limitation of Wi-Fi monitors is that they don’t constantly run, and the internet apps time out after about ten minutes. These are perfect for older babies and toddlers that only need to be checked on once in a while, or ideal as a supplemental monitor for parents wanting some extra bells and whistles in addition to their standard video monitor.

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