Being a mom is HARD. There’s just no way around it. Having little hands clawing at you all day and using your body as a human jungle gym is flat-out exhausting. But physical exhaustion aside, what seems to tax me the most is the mental exhaustion.

Throughout each day, I have to constantly engage my brain in order to find the right solution to each problem:

  • Manage sibling relationships
  • Teach the kids how to share
  • Work with them on how to problem-solve
  • Teach them how to be kind and become generally good humans!
  • Handle each tantrum with grace and compassion
  • Figure out and anticipate their needs before a tantrum even begins!
  • Spend one-on-one time with each child
  • Menu-plan and cook
  • Manage our home and ensure that everything from finances to lawn care is taken care of

And that’s just a short list of things that can quickly zap my energy and bandwidth!

So what’s a mom to do when the “To Do” list feels overwhelming? Give yourself a Time Out…some much-needed Mom Time!

the importance of mom time // blog,

For some, that may mean going for a run/walk or getting a manicure. Others might find refreshment in holing up in your bedroom with a good book while your partner takes the kids to the park. For me, I have found someone to watch my youngest while the other two are in school every Thursday morning, and I take myself out to breakfast…alone…with HOT coffee and an omelette! I use those two hours to send emails, write this blog post ;), or just read.

the importance of mom time //

It’s taken me six years as a mom to make “Mom Time” a priority, and believe me, the more kids you have the harder it gets! But as the old saying goes, “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NO ONE happy!” So figure out what your weekly Mom Time looks like. What feeds your soul? Or is there one thing you miss now that time is so limited? What makes you feel like “you”?

Find a window of time, and let yourself breathe. After all, you deserve it, and your kids deserve the very best version of you. You’re an amazing mama, and you’ve GOT THIS! 🙂


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