first day of preschool

Little Man finally getting to do what he’d been looking forward to all week: paint.

This is the first year Little Man will be attending any sort of school and I have to admit there were a lot of fears wrapped in that excitement. Would he pick up bad habits? How would he handle the new structure without mommy? Would he obey and listen to the teachers or run around like a banshee like he does at home? More importantly, how would I handle not having him with me every morning?

It was a bit overwhelming going through all the orientations and realizing that I was handing Little Man over to be molded and shaped by other people (classmates included). Granted he still spends most of his time with me but the idea that he is going to bond with another adult felt odd. I know, I know, I’m being weird but it made me sad that another woman was going to have a special bond with my son, even if it is a healthy thing.

One of the biggest things the school addressed prior to the first day was the ‘separation process.’ They had very specific rules on how they like this to happen. They ask that the parent be prepared to stay the entire first day, sitting off to the side as an anchor. This way the child can come and go as they please knowing their parent is there if they need them. I didn’t think Little Man would have much of an issue adjusting since he is so social and pretty outgoing. I was concerned however that he may have a hard time listening to another authority figure. I doubted he would be able to sit still and obey all the rules at first. But hey, that’s what preschool is for. Right!? Thankfully the preschool is a co-op so I will still get to be in the classroom and see how he interacts with others in a different setting where mom isn’t in charge.

The first day was pretty exciting and Little Man kept saying all he wanted to do was paint (probably because we don’t do that at home). My husband opted to sit the entire time so I could go to a doctor appointment and it was a lot of fun to hear his play-by-play of how Little Man did. As I suspected he only came by John twice. I did hear a report from the teacher that he had a hard time obeying all the rules … Turns out he ran around like a banshee when he was supposed to be doing rug time. 😉

Overall it was not as tough of an experience as I expected and I’m looking forward to those few precious hours to spend some one-on-one time with Punkin.

How was your first preschool experience? What fears did you have?

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  1. Lynda Way says:

    Really that is very especial day for every mom when her little prince or princess attained their first day of school. This is exciting for both parents and school staffs. And I hope your little man is now enjoying his preschool pretty much.

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