My husband and I recently celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary. The past eight years have flown by in a blink. Our days as parents, individuals and partners are busy. Very busy. But that is beside the point. This anniversary had me thinking about the difference in our lives back in 2005 and our lives right now, in 2013.

We didn’t actually celebrate our anniversary. Well, of course we said our “I love yous” and paused for a moment in the kitchen to stare into each other’s eyes while the baby yanked at my leg begging for some milk and the big kid shuffled around us to pick out cereal, but we did not head out for a night out. A movie, dinner, drinks or all three together require a key ingredient to pull off. A babysitter. Babysitters are something that Luke and Catherine of 2005 never had to think of. If our off-shifts at the restaurant lined up or we wanted to head out for drinks after work we did.

wedding anniversary

The point is, we’re older and more established. It’s wonderful and sometimes a bit overwhelming.  After all, there are nights when we desperately need time out of the house – just the two of us – to talk over a dark wood table laid with delicious food and drink with the murmur of other couples in the background. A meal without puffs or O’s and crayons littering the table. A leisurely meal without a rush to get home. Heck even a movie without any talking would be great. No matter how strong the need is, I’ve learned finding a babysitter is mostly an impossible task.

So what is a mom to do? Well, certainly not spend a lot of time thinking about life in 2005. In 2005 we didn’t need a babysitter, this is true, but we also didn’t get to attend kindergarten graduation or have front row seats to first steps and big cheeked baby smiles. For now I’ve got the finding a babysitter blues. Finding a sitter who is available, willing, and able might not be in the stars for us, no matter how hard I try. On the bright side, I have my girls and they are pretty darn wonderful. We’ll just have to double our dates when they are in high school and too busy to hang with their very old and uncool parents.

What are your best babysitter finding tips? What are your favorite ways to sneak in couple time even when you can’t find a babysitter?

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  1. We are blessed to have my in laws to call on for date nights but even so when you have little ones it is just hard to get away no matter what! My hubby and I try to at least make one night a week a date night in. Meaning we sit and actually converse with each other without distraction after the kids go to bed (usually over a glass of wine). 😉

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