Why so serious?

I’ve always been told that when a newborn baby smiles, it’s only because of gas. Maybe for some people it’s impossible to believe that such an inexperienced little person could possibly put together emotionally appropriate facial expressions, but I disagree. I’ve seen it myself. Even my husband believes the old wives’ tales! I’ve tried to prove otherwise, but my attempts so far have been pretty futile.

The way he coos and smiles sweetly at me after he’s finished nursing couldn’t just be an automatic reaction to the digestive process. The burps afterward, however, are just that. The looks he gives his biggest brother when he’s acting like a complete goofball, well they’re not frowns. I’ve even caught him giggling while falling asleep, and nope, they weren’t hiccups. I can’t possibly be the only one who notices these things, can I?

The Sleep Smile.

I’ve tried to capture his charming mannerisms in pictures, but to no avail. You see, the Baby Smile is a very mysterious thing. The moment you raise your camera it simply vanishes, only to be replaced by the most serious face you’ve ever seen. I’ve tried the sneak-attack method, only to end up with blurry shots of half of a baby head. A picture of that caliber offers about as much proof as an out-of-focus shot of a supposed Big Foot in the woods. Surely that won’t put an end to the skepticism.

I’ve all but given up on my quest to disprove this myth, but it’s okay, I think of it like a little secret between us. These first few weeks go so fast, and soon he’ll be belly laughing right along with his big brothers and cheesing it up for the camera. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy stealing a smile from him whenever I can. Even if I’m the only one that sees it.


What’s your verdict; do you think newborns can smile?

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  1. I just love little baby smiles. No matter what they are from, they are just too precious!

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