The rumors are true: I made my second baby sleep in a Pack ‘N Play until she was almost 6 months old (she’s now almost 7 months old). That goes against my whole philosophy, I know. I just didn’t want two cribs. Clever? Cruel? Classless? I think a bit of all three.

Here’s where my brain was: My older daughter was about 17 months when my baby was born. PERFECT TIMING BABY! You’ll sleep 3 months in the bassinet, then we’ll get a bed for your mature big sissy and move you into her crib! HA. So. I. Thought. Three months came and went, and my first-born was NOT ready for a bed. Ok, one more month in the bassinet will be fine. The next month came and went and – you guessed it – there was no way my big one could sleep in a bed… not unless we were ok with a 21-month old getting up and down in the middle of the night to pluck books off of her shelf to potentially chuck into the crib so her little baby sister could ‘read.’ (My imagination is wild, but I assure you this was quite a sane and well-thought-out scenario for my budding toddler.)

Great. With a 4-month infant busting out of her bassinet (and no longer sleeping well on account of being crowded in her own bed) this meant I had to give in to what I was working so hard to avoid: I NEEDED TWO CRIBS. 2 cribs. TWO. How could I have two cribs?!? There was no way. I resisted on account of my own weird issues. The fact that I even have two babies was (and is) still somewhat of a shock to me. The thought of two cribs made me cringe and feel like Octomom (I know this doesn’t make any sense, but it just did, ok?) I also figured that if I bought another crib it’d be a waste… my older girl would probably be ready for a bed pretty soon, and then we’ll be stuck with an extra crib! Who wants to deal with that? Just when I was getting manic, Aha! A solution: My baby can sleep in our Pack ‘N Play! I am so brilliant. And so she did.

This master plan worked until my heart broke every single time I’d walk in my girls’ room and see my first-born standing and laughing in her swanky crib as she looked down across her bedroom to my little one stuck in what looked like a misplaced, low-riding vinyl camping trailer. My baby didn’t seem to know that she was sleeping in a portable playpen, but it just wasn’t right. Especially when her big sister thought it was so funny.

So at 5-and-half months old, my baby finally got her own crib. Now we have TWO cribs in one room, Octomom is nowhere in sight… and we are ALL happier for it.



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3 Responses to The big two-crib hold-off.

  1. Ok I am gonna have to disagree on this one. Although I agree with you that it’s prettier and makes you feel better to have two cribs I don’t think you should have to cave and spend your hard earned cash on another crib. You’re baby doesn’t know any different and you are correct that you’re older one will be in a big girl bed soon enough.

    I too struggle with the hard decisions of when to graduate my child from one stage to another. I remember how hard it was to transfer him to a big boy bed a couple of months ago. My heart saddened as I saw that he is no longer a baby but a budding toddler. Luckily nothing we do is gonna scar them for life (or so we hope) so you do what you think is best.

    Thanks for the fun post. : )

  2. jillsimonian says:

    KATE! I love it! Thanks for the validation! Truthfully, I guess I should admit that I probably would’ve kept her in the pack ‘n play for a bit longer and tried to hold off even further, but I DID kinda notice that she started having trouble sleeping again and just couldn’t get comfortable in that vinyl camping trailer. That’s really what did it, I think…. when I was actually depriving her of sleep (instead of it happening the other way around!)

  3. […] As much as I resisted it (and as long as I put this whole bed-thing off) I will officially miss the scene of two-cribs-in-one-room. Did I love it while it lasted? I think so… […]

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