Communicating with KidsCommunicating with kids can be a bit like trying to solve a riddle. I’m not very good at riddles. Even with over 9 years of experience being a mom, I apparently still have a lot to learn.

The other day we sat down to have lunch. What it turned into was a lesson in communication and a reminder that sometimes I need to be better listening to what my kids are really trying to say to me even if their words don’t always match up.

We dished up everyone’s plate and, since we’ve been fighting off colds, we had some containers of soup for the sickos to enjoy. The non-sick kids wanted soup too so I told them they could have some once their lunch was gone.

This seemed fairly straightforward to me. However, I am not a preschooler.

Almost immediately, my 4-year-old son started asking for dessert. I didn’t remember mentioning any dessert so I told him no. He responded with the dreaded pouty face that warns us he’s gearing up for a full-fledged tantrum.

He’d eat a few more bites of his food and say, “NOW can I have dessert?”

Really? I thought I had been pretty clear. There was no dessert.

But he was insistent. We continued the pattern. A few bites of food then a request for dessert.

There’s a joke that comes up every now and then about not negotiating with terrorists toddlers. So of course I would never do that. But eventually they do have a way of wearing you down.

Finally I asked my son what he thought he wanted for dessert.

He answered simply, “soup”.


Have you ever had a funny miscommunication with your kids?



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