With Thanksgiving just a week away, this is a great time to be discussing and teaching the concept of gratitude with kids. Of course, any time of the year is great for that really. But around Thanksgiving time, gratitude activities are especially fitting. In fact, our blogger, Kate, just discussed the idea of turning selfishness into selflessness in a recent post. This can be a hard practice for adults, let alone kids. So, inspired by Kate’s post, I decide to round up some great Thanksgiving activities to help instill gratitude in kids!

Thanksgiving Gratitude Activities for Kids

I love all these ideas! The concept behind most of them is the same – giving thanks. But, there are so many different creative ways to do this. I think the world would be a much better place if everyone had more of an attitude of gratitude, so these are good activities to start instilling that in little ones!

How does your family show gratitude at Thanksgiving time?

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  1. What fun crafts! Thanks for finding all these! I think I may put that Thankful tree as my centerpiece for Thanksgiving this year.

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