I love Thanksgiving! (Major proof of that right here.) I remember both of my girls’ first Thanksgivings when they were babies — my older girl was about two months old and spit up all over my mother-in-law’s white carpet, and my younger daughter was about 7 months old and couldn’t get enough of pumpkin pie.

Thanks Cheesecake Factory. You tied us over 'til T-Day.

Thanks Cheesecake Factory. You tied us over ’til T-Day.

Wanna guess what I realized with my second daughter?  I’ll share tips at the bottom, but for now… let’s talk food!

I’m no nutritional expert, so I did a bit of fast research in the name of being a fan of Thanksgiving — and a fan of babies. Think about it:

Mashed Potatoes. Did you know that smashed spuds are packed with Vitamin C?

Sweet Potatoes. Get your Vitamin A here, baby! A half-cup of sweet potatoes provides over 300% of the recommended daily amount… even though you’d never guess it. I mean, that traditional ooey-gooey casserole with all the marshmallows on top tastes like candy. I challenge you to find me a toddler that doesn’t want to eat ‘candy’ as a meal.

Thanksgiving food for toddlers // blog.rightstart.com

Cranberry Sauce. Don’t cranberries have a bunch of antioxidants? Yes, they do!

Peas, Carrots & Green Beans. Cook ’em up and easily mash ’em up with your fork at the table! Carrots count for getting Vitamin A and peas and green beans are packed with healthy doses of protein. And yes, they’ve all got fiber…

Pumpkin Pie! Who knew this treat had so much fiber and potassium — an average slice (out of a 9″ pie) allegedly contains over 4g of fiber and over 250mgs of potassium. Bam. More, please. (I would go so far to say that whipped cream on top counts for calcium, but I have a feeling I can’t get away with that.)

As for some tried-and-true tips for new moms balancing babies and turkey? Heed these 3 quickie suggestions:

Take two changes of clothes. It’s annoying, I know, but potentially very worth it should things get wild with the sweet potatoes.

Ask if you can feed baby before everyone else eats… so that you can enjoy your meal and not fuss over a crying and starving little one.

Take an all-inclusive family picture with any elderly great-grandparents before everyone’s distracted and busy with the big meal. Trust me from experience: You’ll look back years later and wish you’d done it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This post is for opinion & entertainment purposes. Author is not a certified nutritional expert. Information in this article found on CorePerformance.com, Shape.com & CheatSheet.com.


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