I hate throwing away things that can be re-purposed. With the long days of summer upon us I am always looking for fun new crafts that use things I already have on hand. Since we go through toilet paper and paper towels pretty quickly around here I always have a ton of those empty rolls lying around. Here’s a list of great crafts for paper rolls.


  1. Toilet Paper Roll Octopus – how cute is this guy!? You can even do the craft without the paint and just use a black marker if that’s all you have.octopus1
  2. Toddler Tubes – This woman has great ideas! I love the different colors and since my son is a tad older he could even help tape up the tubes. He would probably end up using them as swords. 😉Toddler-Tubes-small2
  3. Build your own castle – although it’s tough to get my son to sit still long enough to color anything I bet he would love to glue a bunch of rolls together to make this!Castle-from-TP-rolls
  4. Lacing – this is a great way to develop Little Mans’ fine motor skills.lacing (5)
  5. Parking Garage – this would certainly be a hit with my son who is all about cars!park-and-play-garage-craft-photo-420-FF1010CREATA10
  6. Tube Kazoo – my son loves playing musical instruments, his favorite being the drum. This craft would for sure have him and his friends starting their own marching band. I will have to recall this for my next play date.ToiletPaperTubeKazoo_sm
  7. Royal Crown – any little prince or princess would love to play dress up with these.TP Crown
  8. Bean ramp game – I love the simplicity of this and my son would totally roll his cars down this as well.Bean ramp revised
  9.  Roll Color Match – not sure my son could get the handle of chopsticks but he would have fun just using his fingers to put each color in its’ tube!Using Chopsticks
  10. Shape Hunt Binoculars – this is so creative. I love the idea that it doesn’t take much to make this fun game happen. Shape+binoculars+maths+game+title

What fun things have you found to do with toilet and paper towel rolls?



4 Responses to Ten easy crafts using toilet and paper towel rolls

  1. Shakira lester says:

    hi parents and kids i like the way this site is organized.

  2. jamie says:

    I think I’m going to build the castle… and let my parrot destroy it. Should make some Godzilla like entertainment… use an oatmeal container for the big one at the center?

  3. Hannah Ainsworth says:

    I love the crafts and I’m nine

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