Blog Post 4-14-14A

The circumstances of every adoption are different for both the adoptive and birth
families. Just as unique as the way each family is born is the way we talk to our
children about it. Even at 8 months old my husband and I are already talking to our
daughter about her adoption. Though she’s far from understanding such a concept, we
have decided to start the conversation very early. She’ll know from as soon as she can
remember that she became our daughter in a very special way!

Blog Post 4-14-14B

We’ve started simply, with a favorite book we found about adoption. I talk to
her about her birth family. We have the luxury of a little more time before we get into the
tough stuff. The “where do babies come from” conversation is a little more fraught for
adoptive parents. I hope to be able to speak simply and candidly with my daughter.
Though a book we have for when she gets a older, which talks about a birth mom’s
uterus, already has me blushing. First time parenting is a grand adventure no matter
what. Adoptive parents just have an added element to navigate. I’m sure we’ll figure it

Blog Post 4-14-14C

I’ve thought a lot about how she’ll feel about being adopted. Of all the things I’ll
talk to her about, teach her about, this is the one thing I’ll have no way to relate to. I’ll
never know first hand what it’s like to be adopted. My mind is always eased though, by
thinking about how madly my little lady is loved. No matter what questions or concerns
she may have she will never for a moment question that.

When did you start talking about adaption with your child?



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