Our journey to switch our one-year-old from the bottle to the sippy cup was at time trying. Over the course of the few months before she turned one we casually gave her a few types of sippy cups with meals in the hopes she would start to transition herself, or at least make it easier. No such luck. Mostly she just got frustrated. Her distaste for the sippy cups got to the point where, sitting in her Nuna Zaaz high chair, she would see me walking towards her holding the sippy cup of milk and she would instantly start fussing and waving off the cup. It didn’t matter which style I present, she seemed to hate them all.

Switching from the bottle to a sippy cup

I tried my best to stay patient but after months of trying it started to get frustrating. For many reasons. For one, what parent wants to spend a fortune at every baby store within a 50 mile radius trying to find the one style of sippy cup their child will approve of? Certainly not me. It wasn’t until we were out for dinner with our girls at our favorite Italian place that the answer to our sippy cup woes became obvious. Our waitress confused our five-year-old’s drink order and brought a kid’s glass of milk instead of the water she had asked for. No big deal. The water was brought out immediately and the milk was left at the table in case we decided we wanted it after all. Turns out we kind of did. In an attempt to get one-year-old Delaney to “please just chill out and give Mommy and Daddy a few more minutes to eat their amazing pasta!” I handed over the glass of milk as a momentary distraction.

Delaney and her Sippy Cup

Our daughter, who previously couldn’t figure out a straw, suddenly figured it out at the very moment. After watching the surprise register in Delaney’s eyes my husband and I looked at each other and shook our heads. The answer was clear. We needed a sippy with a skinny straw. The next day I found a sippy style that seemed to fit the bill and somewhat apprehensively bought a pack. Thankfully my purchase was not a waste. Delaney absolutely loves these strawed sippy cups. Since bringing them home and handing the first one over filled with milk she hasn’t touched a bottle. It’s a relief to have her smiling when she sees me walking towards her with a drink instead of getting upset.

Ultimately all it took was some trial-and-error and paying attention to our daughter’s preferences.

What tips or tricks do you have for getting a toddler to switch from a bottle to a sippy cup? Does your toddler prefer a certain brand or style sippy cup?

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