30 weeks pregnant with twinsThe last few months of pregnancy will bring even the toughest mom to her knees . . . figuratively speaking of course since no pregnant woman in her right mind would get down on her knees when the chance of being able to actually get up again is slim.

I’m nearing the end of a twin pregnancy (at least I hope I’m getting there. Some days I worry I really will be pregnant forever). While I’m thrilled to have made it this far despite a history of second trimester loss and preterm labor, I’m genuinely done at this point.  I’m not full-term yet, but I am anxiously counting down the days.

I blame my lack of patience on the fact that I’m already measuring full-term. I’ve never actually gone full-term with my other pregnancies, so this is a new experience and the next time someone tells me to just enjoy my pregnancy, it will not end well.

Keep a Schedule

It’s tempting to spent the last few months of pregnancy just sitting around and waiting for something to happen, but that’s the worst thing you can do. Having nothing to look forward to but the unknown of when your baby will be born will drive you crazy. Schedule stuff to make the time go by faster. Arrange to have some friends come over to play. Meet up with a friend for lunch (or have her bring lunch to you if you aren’t feeling up to leaving the house). You can always cancel things if you aren’t feeling up to it or you go into labor.

Find a Guilty Pleasure

If this isn’t your first baby, you have probably already long since given up the bulk of your guilty pleasures (or at least not in the habit of enjoying them on a regular basis). The end of pregnancy is a great time to rediscover all those fabulous time-wasters that you enjoy. Watch an entire TV season in one sitting. Read a horribly dramatic teen fiction series. Whatever sounds entertaining to you and will help the days go by faster, do it. The next time you’ll sit down to watch a full day of TV will probably be because you have a child down with the stomach flu.

Start a Project

Feeling huge and uncomfortable makes it hard to keep up with your regular daily routine, but when you are used to staying busy slowing down can drive you crazy. Find a project you can do from the couch. Organize all your photos and create a photo book. Take an online class. Teach yourself a new skill like knitting or graphic design. Even if you don’t finish your project, it will help fill your days and keep your brain from turning to mush.

Shop Online

At 32 weeks pregnant with twins, I’m not getting out much, but I can definitely still do some online window shopping. Online shopping can help you prepare for your baby’s arrival without wearing yourself out. You can shop for everything from baby gear to toothpaste and check off a few of the things on your pre-baby to-do list.


What do you do to survive the last few months of pregnancy?

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