Every summer, visions of family grandeur dance through my head, only to have the months slip by as quickly as they came. This summer, I’m determined to accomplish at least a few of the things that end up on my summer to-do list every year.

1. Go to the beach. Sure this sounds simple – especially considering the beach is not that far away – but factor in two kids, a job and the hatred of fighting for parking on the weekends, and it’s surprisingly easy to go an entire summer season without stepping foot on the sand.


2. Actually finish a craft of some sort. I don’t care how simple or not simple the craft is, I just want to finish something.

3. Read a good book (or two). I love getting lost in a great book, but since becoming a mother, free time is few and far between and reading has all but disappeared from my life. I’d love to remedy that this summer (preferably on the beach).

4. Take a family getaway. While we may not have any major trips planned this summer, I’d love to take a few short and sweet getaways, or even a road trip up the coast (perhaps that’s a bit overly ambitious with an infant and toddler).


5. Take advantage of all the amazing free outdoor activities. From movies under the stars to a million free summer concerts to food truck festivals, we’re fortunate to live in a city that has countless fun things to do during the summer. And we’re gonna do them. Promise.

6. Make ice cream. Again, this may sound ridiculous to some, but I’ve had a perfectly good ice cream maker staring at me summer after summer, begging to be used. And I know my 3-year-old would love this fun activity, so why haven’t I done it yet?

What about you? Any must-dos on your list for this summer?

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