Whether it’s trips to the beach, the pool, the water park, the splash pad, the park or just a playdate with friends, summer usually means lots of outings with the kids. Sometimes things spontaneously happen on those outings – fun things like saying yes to pool time even though we hadn’t planned on it…or not so fun things like potty accidents. No matter what kind of outing you’re taking, you want to be prepared. So, here’s a list of the essential items to pack for summer outings!

Summer Water Bag Packing List

Sunscreen – Over the summer, I always make sure I have sunscreen with us – in the bag, in the car, in the stroller. My boys are very fair, and that baby skin can burn SO easily!

Sun Hats – This goes right along with the sunscreen. If we’re outside for any length of time, I make sure my boys have hats on. I especially like ones that offer SPF/UV Protection in the fabric.

Baby Wipes- Whether you have one still in diapers or not, baby wipes are so handy. They’re especially great for wiping off sticky hands after enjoying a melty summer ice cream cone or popsicle!

Extra Diapers/Swim Diapers/Underwear – My motto is always pack a few more than you think you’ll need. You don’t want to have to cut a fun day short because someone’s had an accident or you’ve run out of diapers!

Frozen Water Bottles – Freeze a few bottles of water and just have them in your bag. Not only is extra water during the summer always a good idea, but having it be nice and cold is always welcome.

First aid kit – With all the running around outside in summer clothes (and often times barefeet), it seems like someone is bound to get hurt. You don’t need anything elaborate, but a little baggie with some band-aids and ointment is always a good idea.

Simple Snacks – Since you may be out a long time, make sure you’ve got some easy snacks packed. Things like cracker packs, nuts, and fruit leathers are all great options.

A plastic bag – Don’t leave home without a plastic grocery bag(s)! Whether it be wet swimming clothes, potty accidents, an emergency car sick incident, dirty diapers or any other number of things, plastic bags are great to have on hand.

Depending on what type of outing you’re taking, you definitely might need some other items (like beach towels, beach toys, swim suits, etc.), but this is a good general list for any type of summer fun! Carrying it all in a cute bag (like the adorable PaddlePaks shown above) just adds to the fun!

What are your summer outing essentials?


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